Sambucus nigra,Black elder,Elderberry and its narration literature.


Applications and Properties:


Elderberry Sambucus Nigra Berry Drupe European elder American Sambucus canadensisAntioxidant.Immune system.
Inhibits the influenza virus.
Upper respiratory infections relief.
Avian flu virus kill.Oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
Psychic influence.
Natural antineuralgic and relief neuralgia.
Stress reduction,Anti-Stress.Skin care benefits.
Antiviral and hemagglutinin properties
Reunion of bone muscle and ligament,
Promoting blood circulation to arrest pain,
Dispelling wind evil(dispel the wind relieve rheumatic pains colds, etc.)and remove dampness through diuresis.


The American elder (canadensis) , also known as Elderberry, is small tree that grows to 12 feet and is native to North America. The European elder (nigra) grows to 30 feet, is found throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, and has been naturalized in the United States. The tree has been called "the medicine chest of the common people. The flowers, leaves, berries, bark and roots have all been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries. The fruits have been used to make elderberry wine, and when cooked, can be used in pies and jams. The berries contain more vitamin C than any other herb except rosehips and black currant.

Elderberry Sambucus Nigra Berry Drupe European elder American Sambucus canadensisAntioxidant:Results of a study indicated elderberry having an effect on cholesterol and antioxidant activity.Acting as an antioxidant, elder may protect the body against damage from free radicals. Flavonoids, including quercetin, are believed to account for the therapeutic actions of the elderberry flowers and berries. Anthocyanins are special class of bioflavonoids, which offer powerful antioxidant protection against cellular aging. Elderberry extract reduces the damaging effects of LDL, or bad cholesterol, and serves as an antioxidant for the body. Elderberry may be useful in treating cold and flu symptoms by increasing the body's immune system response.

The herb Elderberry(Jie Gu Mu) taste sweet,bitterness,nature plain.Enter into liver meridians.The herb Root of Williams elder(Jie Gu Mu Gen) taste bitter,sweet,nature plain.The herb Flower of Williams Elder(Jie Gu Mu Hua) taste hot(pungent),nature warm.The herb Leaf of Willianms Elder(Jie Gu Mu Ye) taste hot(pungent) and bitter,nature plain.

In the TCM system,the herb Elderberry(Williams Elder Twig,Jie Gu Mu) indicated for cataclasis(catagma,fractura,fracture),traumatic injury(injuries from falls,fractures,contusions and strains),cataclasis(catagma,fractura,fracture) swelling pain,rheumatic arthritis,gout(arthrolithiasis,urathritis),Kaschin-Beck disease(osteoarthritis deformans),acute nephritis and chronic nephritis;external indicated for traumatic injury bleeding,rheumatism painful impediment,rubella(nettle rash,urticaria,measles).

In the TCM system,the herb Root of Williams elder(Jie Gu Mu Gen) indicated for arthritis pain,phlegm and fluid retention,icterus(jaundice,aurigo),traumatic injury and stasis pain,cataclasis(catagma,fractura,fracture) swelling pain,acute nephritis and chronic nephritis,burns and scalds.The herb lower of Williams Elder(Jie Gu Mu Hua) indicated for common cold,dysuria(difficulty in micturition).The herb Leaf of Willianms Elder(Jie Gu Mu Ye) indicated for traumatic and bones injuries,arthralgia and myalgia(bones aching,sinew and bone pain),rheumatoid arthritis pains,gout(arthrolithiasis,urathritis),beri-beri(barbiers,beriber,dermatophytosis),burns and scalds.

At North America,the herb Elder suggested as flavorings,food colorings,and ingredients in perfumes,wines,preserves,and other foods.Both the flowers and the berries have also been valued as healing agents to induce perspiration for feverish chills,promote urination as a diuretic,dispel constipation,fight rheumatic inflammation,and control coughs,colds,flus,and associated fevers.External formulations have been enlisted as astringents,pain relievers,and gargles.

At Europe,the herb European Elder(Sambucus nigra) is officially suggested for Cough and bronchitis,Fevers and colds,and in folk medicine also suggested as sudorific tea and for colds and other feverish conditions,as an infusion,as a gargle/mouthwash and for respiratory disorders such as coughs,head colds,laryngitis,flu,and shortness of breath,nursing mothers to increase lactation,herbal pillows are used for swelling and inflammation,and in Homeopathic applications the herb used for inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Dosage:Powdered extracts are dosed at 500 mg (capsule) 2~3 times daily. Liquid form, dosed at one teaspoonful (10 mL) 4 times daily.Dosage suggested as different conditions in different herbal system and cases.

Safety and Toxicity:

This dietary supplement is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines.Consumption of the roots, stems, leaves and unripe fruit of the elder plant is not recommended. These parts of the plant can induce vomiting or severe diarrhea if ingested.

Primarily on the basis of years of folk use,elder-flower preparations appear to be safe to consume.German authorities report that they cause no known side effects or negative reactions with other medicines.The raw berries are edible but may cause nausea and vomiting,once properly cooked,however,they pose no risk,as any lover of elderberry jam knows.The leaves and stems contain the potentially fatal poison cyanide,carefully avoid them.


  • 1.Sambucus nigra,Black elder,Elderberry and its narration literature.
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