Aloe and Aloin:a traditional herb used for detoxification,discharge fire and constipation,itchy skin and its cosmetic uses.


Applications and Properties:


Aloe veraAloe Vera beauty products now emerging, this natural skin care products by the majority of female consumers friends welcome. After studying at the same time making tireless researcher, aloe teams in the beauty industry is also expanding, such as new cream, face cream, aloe vera mask, sunscreen, etc., which are deeply different age consumers. The aloe vera is a natural green plants, people often prefer to place their own balcony potted plant, to prepare for contingencies. According to the research found that aloe vera on the skin cleansing whitening, beauty, delay skin aging.
Moisture,Detox,Nutritional insulation effect,Anti-inflammatory effects,Sun protection,Regulate sebum,Whitening effect,Bactericidal effect,Promoting metabolism.
Anti-bacterial,fungal effect,Antiviral,Immunostimulant effect,Anti-inflammatory effect,Wound healing.
Enhanced phagocytosis,detoxification and cleansing function,Slimming effect,Smoking cessation,Protect the gastric mucosa,Promote blood circulation,Anti-tumor function,Analgesia,sedation,Pest control,anti-corrosion effect.


Aloin can help expel dirt, purify the blood, soften blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and blood viscosity, promote blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis and stroke.

Aloin A, aloesin, aloe ether tincture has anti-tumor effect. Extraction hydroxyanthraquinone anthracene derivative and phenol derivatives from Aloe, in vitro experiments show that different tumor cells have a strong killing effect. On the L929 and Y99, tumor cell lines, a significant cytotoxic activity, the present study demonstrated that extracts from aloe anthraquinone, tumor cell killing activity was significant, as aloe vera in the clinical treatment of various cancers, providing a reliable theory in accordance with.

The study found aloesin and Aloin have bactericidal,anti-inflammatory detoxification,and promote wound healing effect. Aloe bactericidal, anti-inflammatory function can effectively eliminate acne,acne,used in the clinical treatment of a variety of inflammatory,a significant effect.Can kill fungi,mold,bacteria,viruses and other germs,suppress and eliminate pathogen development and reproduction, aloe antibacterial sterilization of bacteria category are:diphtheria,tetanus,pneumonia bacteria,lactic acid bacteria,dysentery bacteria,E. coli,bubonic plague bacteria,cholera,tuberculosis pus in urine,hair moss and fungus caused by otitis media,cystitis,suppurative disease,measles,germs rabies,polio,epidemic encephalitis and other diseases,can effectively eliminate acne,used in the clinical treatment of a variety of inflammatory,a significant effect.

Safety and Toxicity:

Aloe veraFrom the existing data analysis toxicology studies, aloe vera in the edible portion of the controversial security is represented aloin anthraquinone pigment diarrhea, which is mainly present in the inner surface of the leaf skin is an important feature of many active substances of aloe, has the stomach, constipation diuretic,beauty detoxification,sterilization,inhibit tumor effects,toxicology, in vitro tests can be caused by bacterial,mammalian cell gene mutation,after due aloin is oxidized and converted into aloe emodin, aloe and rhubarb Su emodin similar structure,containing a known mutagen 1,8 dihydroxyanthraquinone structure, there is the risk of kidney damage and carcinogenic.

China Pharmacopoeia of Aloe dry products recommended daily dose of 2 to 5 grams,that aloin content is 300~1250mg,the American Association of botanical herbs safety manual recommended daily dose of aloin 10~30mg,no more than 10 days,and Tip aloin 1000mg take more than one or two days,can lead to perforation of the colon,bloodDiarrhea and nephritis.


  • 1.Aloe and Aloin:a traditional herb used for detoxification,discharge fire and constipation,itchy skin and its cosmetic uses.
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