Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds,what is Pumpkin extracts and Pumpkin seeds extracts?Pharmacology and Health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Pulp...


Applications and Properties:


Pumpkin seed Cucurbita Pepo Seed Semen Cucurbitae Cucurbita pepoAcrodermatitis enteropathica.
Anti-Inflammatory Benefits in Arthritis.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH).
Promote Prostate Health.
Diuretic.Kidney stones.Laxative.
Protection for Men's Bones.
Expelling parasite,kill parasites,
Promote lactation,
Inducing diuresis to alleviate edema.


Nutritional Value:Pumpkin Seeds high in zinc content, aids the healing process, and is useful in treating an enlarged prostate gland. Other nutrients include 25.1% proteins,4% minerals including selenium,calcium,iron, manganese,magnesium,phosphorus,zinc,copper,potassium,niacin,folic acid,riboflavin,and thiamin;30% pectins,also contain pantothenic acid, unsaturated oils,tocopherols,carotenoids (lutein and b-carotene) and antioxidants.

The herb Pumpkin Seed(Nan Gua Zi) taste sweet,nature warm or plain.Enter into large intestine meridian.

In TCM system,the herb Pumpkin Seed(Nan Gua Zi) indicated for cestodiasis(taeniasis,teniasis),schistosomiasis(bilharziasis,bilharziosis,hemic distomiasis),cestode(tapeworm),ascaris lumbricoides(ascarid,roundworm,bellyworm),schistosomiasis(blood flukes),hookworm(ancylostome),enterobiasis(oxyuria,oxyuriasis),postpartum hypogalactia,hand feet edema,bronchocephalitis(whooping cough),haemorrhoids(piles).

At North America,the Pumpkin seeds(cucurbita seeds) of certain Cucurbita species indicated for intestinal worms,prevention and treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy(BPH),prostatic and urologic remedies,etc.

At Europe,the herb Pumpkin seeds(cucurbita seeds) indicated by their CE for irritable bladder and prostate complaints,and used in folk medicine for irritable bladder,calcium oxalate kidney stones,micturition problems accompanying prostate adenoma stages I to II,enlarged prostate,kidney inflammation,intestinal parasites,particularly tape worm,and vulnary.

Dosage:Seed 10 to 15 g coarsely ground or well chewed seed taken with fluid.

Safety and Toxicity:

Pumpkin seed Cucurbita Pepo Seed Semen Cucurbitae Cucurbita pepoGenerally considered safe and no negative effects in reasonable dosage.Note: This medication relieves only the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate without reducing the enlargement.

Research has shed as little understanding on the effectiveness of cucurbita seeds as it has on their safety.The medical literature contains no reports of toxic or undesirable reactions,however,and no adverse reactions were noted in an experiment that involved giving rats and swine extracts of dried Cucurbita maxima seeds.One German physician's textbook refers to the herb as so safe that it should be considered for pregnant women,children,or people with liver disease,hepatitis,or other ailments.Again,because the concentration of active ingredients varies so widely,it is virtually impossible to determine if concentration above a certain level will cause problems.


  • 1.Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds,what is Pumpkin extracts and Pumpkin seeds extracts?Pharmacology and Health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Pulp...
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