Chemical Composition of the Melissa Herb


Chemical Composition of the Melissa Herb.:

Melissa axillaris Melissa Officinalis  Melissa genus leaves contain tannin about 5%,and contain volatile oils,also contain bio flavones and other chemicals.

 Balm Mint contains eugenol,tannins,and terpenes.Melissa officinalis also contains 1-octen-3-ol,10-alpha-cadinol,3-octanol,3-octanone, alpha-cubebene,alpha-humulene,beta-bourbonene,caffeic acid,caryophyllene,caryophyllene oxide,catechinene,chlorogenic acid,cis-3-hexenol,cis-ocimene,citral A,citral B,citronellal,copaene,delta-cadinene,eugenyl acetate,gamma-cadinene,geranial,geraniol,geranyl acetate,germacrene D,isogeranial,linalool,luteolin-7-glucoside,methylheptenone,neral,nerol,octyl benzoate,oleanolic acid,pomolic acid, protocatechuic acid,rhamnazine,rosmarinic acid,rosmarinin acid,stachyose,succinic acid,thymol,trans-ocimene and ursolic acid.Lemon balm flowers may contain traces of harmine.


  • 1.Melissa Axillaris Herb or Honeybees Flower:the small mint herb and its scientific discovery.

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  • Name:Melissa Officinalis Extract
  • Serie No:R078.
  • Specifications:Flavonoids 5%UV.
  • INCI Name:Melissa Officinalis Extract
  • CAS:84082-61-1
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Melissa Officinalis Extract is an extract of the herb of the Melissa Officinalis,Labiatae
  • Other Names:Melissa axillaris,Axillary Balm,Herb of Axillary Balm,Melissa Axillaris Herb,Lemon balm,Balm mint,Honeybees flower,Dian Jingjie,Bi Xue Cao,Xiao BoHe.

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Melissa Officinalis Extract

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