Scientific Discovery and Application of the Melissa Herb.


Scientific Discovery and Application of the Melissa Herb

Melissa axillaris Melissa Officinalis  High doses of purified lemon balm extracts were found to be effective in the amelioration of laboratory-induced stress in human subjects, producing "significantly increased self-ratings of calmness and reduced self-ratings of alertness." The authors further report a "significant increase in the speed of mathematical processing, with no reduction in accuracy" following the administration of a 300-mg dose of extract.

 Lemon balm is believed to inhibit the absorption of the thyroid medication thyroxine.

 Melissa axillaris Melissa OfficinalisRecent research found a daily dose of the tea reduced oxidative stress status in radiology staff who were exposed to persistent low-dose radiation during work.After only 30 days of taking the tea daily,consuming lemon balm tea resulted in a significant improvement in plasma levels of catalase,superoxide dismutase,and glutathione peroxidase,and a marked reduction in plasma DNA damage,myeloperoxidase, and lipid peroxidation.

 Mosquito repellent:The crushed leaves,when rubbed on the skin,are used as a mosquito repellent.

 Melissa axillaris Melissa OfficinalisAnxiolytic,mild sedative,calming agent:Lemon balm is also used medicinally as an herbal tea,or in extract form.It is used as an anxiolytic, mild sedative, or calming agent.At least one study has found it to be effective at reducing stress,although the study's authors call for further research.Lemon balm extract was identified as a potent in vitro inhibitor of GABA transaminase,which explains anxiolytic effects.The major compound responsible for GABA transaminase inhibition activity in lemon balm was then found to be rosmarinic acid.

 Melissa axillaris Melissa OfficinalisImprove mood and mental performance:Lemon balm and preparations thereof also have been shown to improve mood and mental performance. These effects are believed to involve muscarinic and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.Positive results have been achieved in a small clinical trial involving Alzheimer patients with mild to moderate symptoms.Essential oils obtained from Melissa officinalis leaf showed high acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase co-inhibitory activities.

 Melissa axillaris Melissa OfficinalisAntibacterial:Its antibacterial properties have also been demonstrated scientifically,although they are markedly weaker than those from a number of other plants studied.The extract of lemon balm was also found to have exceptionally high antioxidant activity.

 Antithyrotropic activity:Lemon balm is mentioned in the scientific journal Endocrinology, where it is explained that Melissa officinalis exhibits antithyrotropic activity, inhibiting TSH from attaching to TSH receptors,hence making it of possible use in the treatment of Graves' disease or hyperthyroidism.


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  • Other Names:Melissa axillaris,Axillary Balm,Herb of Axillary Balm,Melissa Axillaris Herb,Lemon balm,Balm mint,Honeybees flower,Dian Jingjie,Bi Xue Cao,Xiao BoHe.

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