What is the differenciation between Panax ginseng and Ginsengs,How to use Panax Ginseng,Chemistry and Pharmacology,Substitutes?



Panax Ginseng Radix Ginseng Asian GinsengAdaptogen.Immune System.
Alcohol Intoxication.
Alzheimer's Diseases.
Cardiovascular Health.
Central nervous system.Depression.Stress.Mental Performance and Mood Enhancement.Memory and thinking processes.
Diabetes,Type 2.Lowering blood sugar.
Fertility/Sexual Performance/Nitric Oxide,Reproductive Activity.
Menopausal Symptoms.
Physical Endurance.Promoting intelligence.
Respiratory Disease.
Anti-oxidation effect.Anti-aging effect.
Anti-neoplastic effect.Cancer.
Regulating endocrine.
Myocardial ischemia.
Protein glycosylation.
Reinforce vital energy(invigorating primodial qi),greatly tonify Qi(reinforce vital energy,invigorating primodial qi),
Restore the pulse and relieving depletion,
Replenish spleen and benefit lung,
Engender liquid(promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid),
Calm the nerves(relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization),
Boost intelligence,etc.


Panax Ginseng Asian Ginseng Panax ginseng C.A.Mey Plant LeafGinseng's genus name Panax is derived from the Greek pan (all) akos (cure), meaning cure-all. The transliteration of the word gin (man) seng (essence) is derived from the Chinese ideogram for "crystallization of the essence of the earth in the form of a man". Ginseng's therapeutic uses were recorded in the oldest comprehensive materia medica, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, written around two thousand years ago. In Asian medicine, dried ginseng is used as a tonic to revitalize and replenish vital energy (qi). The usual effect of replenishing qi is not to give an energy boost like that of caffeine or amphetamine. It is traditionally used as an aid during convalescence and as a prophylactic to build resistance, reduce susceptibility to illness, and promote health and longevity. Its activity appears to be based on whole body effects, rather than particular organs or systems, which lends support to the traditional view that ginseng is a tonic that can revitalize the functioning of the organism as a whole.

In the TCM system,the herb Panax Ginseng(Ren Shen) taste sweet,light bitter,nature plain.Enter into spleen,lung,heart meridians.Indicated for weakness deficiency verging on desertion,cold limbs and weak pulse,spleen deficiency with low food intake,lung deficiency dyspnea with cough,short of breath and hasty panting,body fluid impairment with thirst,palpitations and forgetful,palpitation due to alarm,amnesia(forgetful),internal heat and wasting thirst(drinking and urine,symptom-complex of excessive eating),thirsty with hyperhidrosis,eat less and powerless,prolonged illness weakness,palpitate with fear and insomnia,impotentia and uterine cold,heart-failure,cardiogenic shock,shock and prostration due to all acute or chronic disease and hemorrhage,internal lesion caused by overexertion and deficiency problems,low food intake,lassitude and fatigue,stomach reflux vomiting,efflux diarrhea,empty cough with hasty panting(dyspnea and tachypnea),spontaneous perspiration and fulminant desertion,dizziness headache,impotentia(asynodia,sexual impotence),frequent micturition(frequency of urinatior),women uterine bleeding,chronic infantile convulsion,and other prolonged deficiency without recover,all deficiency syndrome with Qi blood and body liquid deficiency,etc.

Panax Ginseng Radix Ginseng Asian GinsengAt North America,the herb Asian ginseng is suggested alone or in combination with other herbs,for bleeding disorders,colitis,headache,fatigue,dizziness,impotence,rheumatism,amnesia,and appetite loss.Symptoms of senility,aging,and cancer have long been treated with ginseng,adaptogenic properties,strengthen the body,boosting its overall resisitance to the potentially damaging impact of physical,biological,or chemical stresses,vitality and longevity,Mild aphrodisiac,etc.

At Europe,the herb Ginseng(Panax Ginseng) is officially indicated for lack of stamina(Ginseng is used internally as a tonic and fortification in times of fatigue and debility;for declining performance,capacity for work,and concentration;and during convalescence),in folk medicine used for loss of appetite,cachexia,anxiety,impotence and sterility,neuralgia,and insomnia,with homeopathic application for rheumatism and debility.

Dosage:Dried root:0.6-2g or by decoction.Standardized extract (4% total ginsenosides):100 mg twice daily.Various dosage are suggested from different pharmacopoeias.

Safety and Toxicity:

Panax Ginseng Radix Ginseng Asian Ginseng Red GinsengAcute Toxicity:Ginseng Extract. LD50: 16.5mg/kg (mice/Ginseng extract/hypodermic injection).

In traditional Chinese herbal medicine system,the herb Ginseng are noted has interactions with the herb black false hellebore,should not combine with herb Faeces Togopteri,Chinese honey locust.Cases including (1).hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency,(2).deficiency cold of spleen stomach,(3).all excess syndrome and heat syndrome without health-Qi deficiency should not take the herb.The toxicity of Ginseng is low,oral 3% Ginseng tincture 100mL only bring mild discomfort,if take 200mL or big dose of Ginseng root powder,may lead to toxicosis(poisoning),and appear symptoms including Gibert's disease(herpes tonsurans maculosus),pruritus(itching),headache(cephalea),dizziness(giddiness,vertigo),fervescence(increased body temperature),bleeding etc.Long period abuse of Ginseng(1 months to 2 years) may lead to ginseng-abuse-syndrome which presented as evelated blood pressure,throat itchy,euphoria,anxiety,elevated body temperature,erythra,bleeding,early morning diarrhea,edema,some patients also show depression or dysthymia.


  • 1.What is the differenciation between Panax ginseng and Ginsengs,How to use Panax Ginseng,Chemistry and Pharmacology,Substitutes?
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