Notoginseng:The Miracle Root for the Preservation of Life,the No.1 Blood Precious Tonic and more...


Applications and Properties:


Panax Notoginseng Radix Notoginseng Panax notoginseng Burk. F.H.ChenTreat various types of internal and external bleeding syndromes.
Control postpartum bleeding in women.
Treat traumatic injuries and blood stasis with pain.
Blood stasis syndromes treatment, such as coronary angina pectoris.
General tonic.HIV infection.
Heart and circulatory system.Positive effects on the blood.Coronary heart disease.
Severely chapped skin.Preservation of life.Boost Sleep.
Calcium channel blocker activity.Invigorates blood circulation.
Cure skull flesh wound.Toxic hepatitis.
Sedation and Body Building Effects.
Building blocks of adrenal hormones.
Herbal skin regeneration composition.
Sleeping Slim Weight Loss Formula.
Dissipate blood stasis to stop bleeding,promoting blood circulation and removing stasis,analgesic therapy,
Stanch bleeding(hemostasis),
Disperse swelling and settle pain.


Panax Notoginseng Radix Notoginseng Panax notoginseng Burk. F.H.ChenTraditional Chinese medicine practitioners have called notoginseng "the miracle root for the preservation of life."Research is showing that Notoginseng exerts a number of beneficial effects on several physiological functions, including the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. It is widely used in Asia for angina, to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and to expand coronary arteries in order to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots.

According to Ron Teeguarden, master herbalist and author of Radiant Health: The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs (Warner Books, 1998), Notoginseng is also considered one of the most powerful blood tonics known to man. It is used in Chinese medicine to assist coagulation of the blood, stop bleeding, and to dilate the coronary artery and increase coronary blood flow, thus providing more blood to the heart muscle. The herb also reduces cardiac load, lowers arterial pressure, and improves micro-circulation in and around damaged heart tissue.

In the TCM system,the herb Panax notoginseng(San Qi,Sanchi,Pseudoginseng Root) noted taste sweet,light bitter,nature warm dampness.Enter into liver,stomach,heart,lung,large intestine meridians.

In the TCM system,the herb Panax notoginseng(San Qi,Sanchi,Pseudoginseng Root) is indicated for various ailments including hemoptysis(spit blood),haematemesis(spit out blood),bleeding from five aperture or subcutaneous tissue,hematochezia(blood stool),metropathia hemorrhagica(dysfunctional uterine bleeding),bleeding wound(bleeding due to external injury),chest and abdomen painful,traumatic injury,traumatic injury swelling pain,postpartum blood stasis and abdominal pain,thoracic obstruction with angina,abdominal mass,blood stasis amenorrhea,menorrhalgia,carbuncles and sores with swelling pains,etc.

Dosage:In the TCM system,the herb Panax notoginseng(San Qi,Sanchi,Pseudoginseng Root) is suggedted 3~9 grams,grinded powder swallow,1~3 grams each time,proper amount for external applications.Cautions should be paid pregnant should use with care.Store at dry cool place,moth proof.

Safety and Toxicity:

Panax Notoginseng Radix Notoginseng Root Panax notoginseng Burk.F.H.ChenSubchronic Toxicity:Notoginseng Total Triterpenes.Subchronic toxicity test for rodent-mouse at oral dose 100~400 mg/kg,period:60 toxic effects for apperance,activity,body weight,liver,kidney,no any disease or abnormal changes for inner organs.

Notoginseng should not be used by pregnant women. Pregnant women and persons under medication must consult a physician prior to use. These statements are for educational purposes only and we must insist on the importance of consulting a health-care professional whenever your health declines. Medelys herbal extract products are made to help improve your health and not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent chronic disease or other.


  • 1.Notoginseng:The Miracle Root for the Preservation of Life,the No.1 Blood Precious Tonic and more...
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  • Name:Panax Notoginseng Extract
  • Serie No:R081.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC,Triterpenes 30%~95%.
  • CAS:88105-29-7
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Panax Notoginseng Extract is the extracts from root,flower and stems of Panax notoginseng (Burk. ) F. H. Chen.
  • Other Names:Radix Notoginseng,Notoginseng Root,Pseudoginseng Root,Panax pseudoginseng Wall.var.notoginseng (Burkill) Hoo and Tseng,Aralia quinquefolia (L.) Decnehr,Tian qi,Jin Bu Huan,San Qi,Panlong Qi,RenShenSanqi,Shan Qi,Wenshan Sanqi.

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