White Peony Root,Bai Shao and Red Peony Root,Chi Shao,a cool sour herb astringing Yin,its botanical origin,phytochemicals,ancient and modern uses.


Applications and Properties:


 Peony Root Paeonia Albiflora White Peony Radix Paeoniae Alba Woman's tonic.Antitumor effect.
Immunoregulatory effects.
Arthritis.Protecting the liver.
Laxative effects.Activity of ATPase.
Hematological system.Cardiovascular.
Counteracting herpes virus II.Protecting hepatic cells.
Effects on the proliferation of fibroblast in the skin.
Activity of tyrosinase.Delayed allergic reaction.
Preventing and treating experimental pulmonary hypertension.
Inducing carboxylesterase in microsomes.
Calm the liver and relieve pain,nourish the blood and emolliate the liver,nourish blood and harmonize Ying,retaining yin and calm the liver.
Nourishing blood for regulating menstruation,
Retaining yin and antiperspirant action.
Smooth middle and relieve pains,relieving spasm and pain,retaining yin and sweat.


 Peony Root Paeonia Albiflora White Peony Radix Paeoniae Alba Peony Root is a famous and highly prized blood tonic used to relax muscles and cleanse the blood. It is one of the most highly prized women's herbs used traditionally to help regulate the female hormonal cycle.It is also used as a pain reducing agent, and as an emotional stabilizer by women.It is said to relieve cramps and spasms anywhere in the body.

In the TCM system,the herb Radix Paeoniae Alba(White Peony Root,Bai Shao) noted taste bitter,sour,nature cool or slight cold.Enter into liver,spleen meridians.

In the TCM system,the herb Radix Paeoniae Alba(White Peony Root,Bai Shao) indicated for headache and dizziness(cephalea with vertigo),hypochondriac pain,celialgia(abdominal pain),limbs spasm pain,blood deficiency chlorosis,menoxenia(irregular menstruation),dysmenorrhea(abdominal pain during menstruation),uterine bleeding(metrorrhagia and metrostaxis),morbid leucorrhea,spontaneous perspiration(sweating),night sweat(perspire during sleep),pain in the lateral thorax stomach duct and abdomen,abdominal pain and diarrhea,fever due to yin deficiency.

Red Peony Flower,Chi Shao,Chi Shao Yao Dosage:In the TCM system,the herb Radix Paeoniae Alba(White Peony Root,Bai Shao) suggested internal as decoction 5~12(or 6~15) grams,or into pellets,powder.Big dose could be 15~30grams.Cautions should be paid cold syndrome of deficiency type should Not use alone,the herb should Not combine with black false hellebore.

At North America,the herb commonly suggested for menstrual pain,heavy bleeding,and hot flashes,a decoction made using 20 grams root to 750 milliliters of water is sipped throughout the day.

Safety and Toxicity:

 Red Peony Root,Chi Shao,Chi Shao YaoThe herb White Peony Root used as a famous recipe in Traditional Chinese Medicine over thousands years,and it liked by many Chinese lady to relieve their menstrual problems,it is safe enough in suggested dosage with proper administration guide.The APA Guide book do some safety evaluation of the herb Peony(White),"Will It Harm You?What the Studies Say:The medical literature contains no reports of serious adverse reactions to this classic Chinese herb.Rat studies indicate that the toxicity of both the root and its extracts,such as paeoniflorin,is low."

Acute toxicity(LD50):White Poeny Root LD50 (mice): 81g/kg (oral/decoction), 125mg/kg (i.p./TGP), 3.53g/kg (paeoniflorin).Acute toxicity(LD50):Red Poeny Root MTD (mice/IV injection/water-based extract): 50g/kg. MLD (cats/IV injection/water-based extract): 186g/kg. LD50 (mice/abdominal injection): 4.6g/kg (Chi Shao D), 2.9g/kg (Chi Shao C), 10.8g/kg (Chi Shao A).

The herb should not be used alone in cases of yang exhaustion with cold manifestations of deficiency type. It is incompatible with black hellebore (Radix Veratri).Antagonistic to Radix Veratri. Should not be prescribed for pregnant women.


  • 1.White Peony Root,Bai Shao and Red Peony Root,Chi Shao,a cool sour herb astringing Yin,its botanical origin,phytochemicals,ancient and modern uses.
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract is an extract of the roots of the peony,Paeonia albiflora,Paeoniaceae
  • Other Names:White Peony Root,Extract of Radix Paeoniae Alba,Paeonia lactiflora Pall,Chinese Peony Root,Paeony,White-Flowered Peony,Pai Shao Yao,Bai Shao,Shaoyao.

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