Chrysanthemum Flower,Ju Hua or Flos Chrysanthemi,Apply and Modern Researches.


Applications and Properties:


 Chrysanthemum morifolium杭白菊,Hang Ju Coronary blood flow Effects.
Cholesterol Metabolism.
Antimicrobial Effects.Detoxifying.
Common colds due to pathogenic wind-heat, fever and headache.
Conjunctivitis with blurring of vision.
Dizziness and convulsions.
Furuncles (skin infection) and pyogenic (having pus) infections.
Hypertension.Blood Pressure Lowering.
Prostate cancer and precancerous lesions.
Chrysanthemum Recipes and Teas.
Dissipate wind and clear heat,dispelling wind,
Calm the liver,improving acuity of vision(improving eyesight),
Detoxify(relieve internal heat or fever),
Removing toxicity for detumescence(resolve toxin and disperse swelling).


The flower comes in several varieties but originally the chrysanthemum was just a small yellow flower. After generations of cultivation, the number of varieties grew rapidly. In the Chrysanthemum Book of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), 35 varieties were noted but by the time of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368),the number had risen to 136. In Li Shizhen's famous book, "Ben Cao Gang Mu", finished in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), more than 900 varieties of chrysanthemum were listed. Today more than 3,000 varieties are blooming in China.

 Chrysanthemum morifolium杭白菊,Hang Ju Decoct the ingredients for drinking. Yellow chrysanthemum (Hangzhou chrysanthemum) is mostly used to dispel pathogenic wind-heat, while white chrysanthemum (Chuxian chrysanthemum) is largely used to calm the liver and improve eyesight.

Nutritional Value:Chrysanthemum contains a volatile oil with such ingredients as borneol, camphor,chrysanthemum amino acids,also contains chrysanthemin, adenine, stachydrine, micro-vitamin A, vitamin B1, amino acids and acaclin,etc.

 In the TCM system,the herb Flos Chrysanthemi(Chrysanthemum Flower,Ju Hua) noted taste sweet,bitter,nature slight cold.Enter into lung,liver meridians. Indicated for anemopyretic cold(wind-heat type common cold),headache and dizziness,sore red swollen eyes,clouded flowery vision.

 In the TCM system,the herb Flos Chrysanthemi(Chrysanthemum Flower,Ju Hua) indicated for anemopyretic cold(wind-heat type common cold),headache and dizziness,cephalea(headache,cephalalgia),fever with headache,vertigo(dizziness),sore red swollen eyes,red eye(hot eyes),clouded flowery vision,heart and chest dysphoria with smothery sensation(heat vexation in the heart and chest),externally contracted wind evil,hard furuncle and malignant boil,pyogenic infections(toxic swellings).

 Dosage:Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 10~15 grams,or into pellets,powder,or infusing tea,external proper amount decoction wash or mash and apply at affected area.

Safety and Toxicity:

Acute toxicity.Chrysanthemin.LD50-lethal dose,50 percent kill.Intraperitoneal.Rodent-rat.2 gm/kg.Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value.

 Safety:The herb Chrysanthemum flower enjoyed as a tea in China over thousand years,and it is safe enough for long term consumption as food,tea,herbs.Those who are weak or have diarrhea should not use chrysanthemum flower.


  • 1.Chrysanthemum Flower,Ju Hua or Flos Chrysanthemi,Apply and Modern Researches.
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  • Other Names:Chrysanthemum Extract,Florist's daisy,Hardy garden mum,Bai Ju,Hang Bai Ju,Chu Ju,Hui Ju,Gong Ju,Bo Ju,Huang Ju,Hang Huang Ju,Xiao Huang Ju,Hang Gan Ju,Dendranthema morifolium ‘Xiaohuangju’nom.ined.

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