Chrysanthemum Flower:Administration Guide,Suggestion and Safety.


Chrysanthemum Flower:Administration Guide,Suggestion and Safety.

Chrysanthemum Flower  Chrysanthemum Sinense Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat Flos Chrysanthemi  Chrysanthemum Flower:Commonly suggested dosages5-12 grams or 10-15 grams.Chrysanthemum may be drunk as an infusion, 200 ml (8 fl oz), taken three times a day.The Chinese dosage is 4.5-15 g(1/4-3/4 oz).

 Decoct the ingredients for drinking.Yellow chrysanthemum (Hangzhou chrysanthemum) is mostly used to dispel pathogenic wind-heat,while white chrysanthemum (Chuxian chrysanthemum) is largely used to calm the liver and improve eyesight.

 Indications and Dosage from CP for Flos Chrysanthemi(Ju Hua):The CP defined the herb Flos Chrysanthemi(Ju Hua) as the dry flower head or capitulum of the Composite family plant Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.It noted the herb with other folk native names including 甘菊花(Gan Ju Hua,or Sweet Chrysanthemum flower),白菊花(Bai Ju Hua,or White Chrysanthemum flower),黄甘菊(Huang Gan Ju,or Yellow Sweet Chrysanthemum flower),药菊(Yao Ju,or Herb Chrysanthemum flower),白茶菊(Bai Cha Ju,or White Chrysanthemum flower for tea),茶菊(Cha Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower for tea),怀菊花(Huai Ju Hua,or Chrysanthemum flower from Huai Qing),滁菊(Chu Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower from Chu Zhou),毫菊(Bo Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower from Bo Zhou),杭菊(Hang Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower from Hang Zhou),贡菊(Hong Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower tributed).The herb classicifed to different cultivation area and process method,as 滁菊(Chu Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower from Chu Zhou)、毫菊(Bo Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower from Bo Zhou)、杭菊(Hang Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower from Hang Zhou)、贡菊(Hong Ju,or Chrysanthemum flower tributed),the flower collected during September to November when blooming,dry in shade or dry by fire,or dry in the sun after fuming or steaming.It noted the herb taste sweet,bitter,nature slight cold.Enter into lung,liver meridians.Main functions dissipate wind and clear heat,calm the liver and improving acuity of vision(improving eyesight).Indicated for anemopyretic cold(wind-heat type common cold),headache and dizziness,sore red swollen eyes,clouded flowery vision.Suggested Dosage 5~9 grams.

 Indications and Dosage from DCTM for Chrysanthemum Flower(Ju Hua):The DCTM(Dictionary of the Chinese Traditional Medicine) defined the herb Chrysanthemum Flower(Ju Hua) as the flower head or capitulum of the Composite family plant Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.It noted the herb collected when blooming before First Frost solar terms,its processing method varies and different to different output area.It noted the herb taste sweet bitter,nature cool.Enter into lung,liver meridians.Main functions dispelling wind,clear heat,improving acuity of vision(improving eyesight),detoxify(relieve internal heat or fever).Indicated for cephalea(headache,cephalalgia),vertigo(dizziness),red eye(hot eyes),heart and chest dysphoria with smothery sensation(heat vexation in the heart and chest),hard furuncle and malignant boil,pyogenic infections(toxic swellings).Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 1.5~3 qian,make tea or into pellets,powder.Cautions should be paid cases Qi deficiency with stomach cold,poor appetite with diarrhea,should better take it with small dose.(2)

 Indications and Dosage from CHMM for Chrysanthemum(Ju Hua):The CHMM(Chinese Herbal Materia Medica) defined the herb Chrysanthemum(Ju Hua) as flower head or capitulum of the Composite family plant Dendranthema morifolium (Ramat.)Tzvel.[Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat].It noted the herb earliest recorded in ancient herbal classics Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing.It noted the herb taste sweet,bitter,nature slight cold.Enter into lung,liver meridians.Main functions dispelling wind and clear heat,calm the liver and improving acuity of vision(improving eyesight),removing toxicity for detumescence(resolve toxin and disperse swelling).Indicated for externally contracted wind evil,fever with headache,vertigo(dizziness),sore red swollen eyes,hard furuncle and malignant boil,pyogenic infections(toxic swellings).Suggested Dosage internal as decoction 10~15 grams,or into pellets,powder,or infusing tea,external proper amount decoction wash or mash and apply at affected area.Cautions should be paid that cases Qi deficiency with stomach cold,poor appetite with diarrhea,should better take it with small dose;cases aversion to cold due to Yang deficiency or headache should Not use the herb.(3)

 Safety:The herb Chrysanthemum flower enjoyed as a tea in China over thousand years,and it is safe enough for long term consumption as food,tea,herbs.Those who are weak or have diarrhea should not use chrysanthemum flower.

 Contraindications:People with allergies to daisies or asters should not use Chrysanthemum, as it may produce an allergic reaction. Those who are weak or have diarrhea should not use the herb.

 Toxicity Study:Chrysanthemin

 Acute toxicity.LD50-lethal dose,50 percent kill.Intraperitoneal.Rodent-rat.2 gm/kg.Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value.Reference:USXXAM United States Patent Document.(U.S.Patent Office,Box 9,Washington,DC 20231) Volume(issue)/page/year:#4229439

 Chrysanthemum Recipes and Teas:

 Chrysanthemum Wine:Ju Hua Jiu Combines Chrysanthemum with sticky rice,distiller's yeast to make wine,called "longevity wine" in ancient China,it taste cool and sweet,release property of liver tonify,eyes bright,brain clear,and anti aging effects.

 The history of chrysanthemum flower wine can be traced to Han dynasty of ancient China,according to folk-custom,when it flourishing,take the flower with stems and leaves,combines with grains togethor to make wine,store to drink until the Double Nine Festival of the next year.chrysanthemum wine taste cool and sweet,really a nice choice for body strong and longevity extending,description from poems by ancient poet Tao Yuanming acclaim this property:"Wang Yan Wu Yi Ying,Lai Yan You Yu Sheng,Jiu Neng Qu Bai Bing,Ju Jie Zhi Tui Lin.(meaning:swallows flied to south,big goose coming from sky,wines can be elixir for disease,Chrysanthemum decoction extend life,",and the method so simple,get rid off pedicel of flower,clean in water and dry in shade,put into grain wine with low alcohol level,ok to drink one or two days later,functions better when add some rhemannia root,chinese angelica root,wolfberry,good treatment for swirl and swiming,fatigue and excess night dreams.

 Chrysanthemum Porridge:Ju Hua Zhou Combines Chrysanthemum flower with rice and cook porridge,taste moisten and cleanily,calm haert,get rid off annoy,happy mood,clear heat.

 Chrysanthemum Tea:Ju Hua Cha Chrysanthemum tea smells aromatic,remove heat,boost moist,wet whistle,nurish eyes.

 From a poem::"Yan Nuan Chun Feng Dang Wu Hua,Chu Hui Wu Meng Po si Cha.Nan Xun Bei Yuan Fu Xiang Xue,Qie Jiu Dong Li Jie Neng Ya"(meaning:Wind carry warm sensations in early Spring,Wanna teas and drinks once come up from nice daily dreams,yet its hard to find the aroma white from north,so come to the east fencing picking for fresh sprout.)

 Chrysanthemum flower smells aromatic and attractive,fitable for drink as tea,its aroma strong and clear mind,drive off heat,lower blood pressure,tonify liver and bright eyes,when daily wake up,dab eyelid with tea drink,get rid off black eye socket,and chrysanthemum flower benefit good once combined with other flower teas,thus introduce some kind of chrysanthemum teas for enjoy:

 Chrysanthemum Hawthorn Tea: take 10 grams chrysanthemum flower,add hawthron fruit and jin yin hua 10 grams each,drink as tea,brings benefit of lowering blood pressure,slim and good shape,good tea choices for people with fat disease,high blood cholesterin and high blood cholesterol.

 Three Flower Tea: Combines chrysanthemum flower,jin yin hua and a little jasmine flower to make tea,nice to drive heat and detoxify,fit for treatment of cold from wind,gorge gall,carbuncle,calm mind and peace spirit.

 Chrysanthemum honey drink: chrysanthemum flower 50 grams,add water 20 ml,boil 1 minute,then keep heat preservation for 30 minutes,filtrate and add fitable amount of honey,mix and drink,thus brings good effects for liver benefitmeye bright,stop thirsty,clear mind and moist intestines.

 Chrysanthemum Cake:Ju Hua Gao Combine Chrysanthemum with rice syrup,braise to make cake,or combine chrysanthmum with mung bean powder to make cake,effects prove nice to cool and get rid of heat.

 Chrysanthemum cake is a custom of the double ninth festival of China,"Gao(Cake)" pronounce the same as "Gao(high)",its original meaning is to compensate the sorrow unable to climb highat the date,but for the cause this cake derives some fine property from chrysanthemum flower such as cold aroma and calm,and its shape shining and attractive,people fond of it very much,so the method of cooking this cake inherited and born many new cooking methods,here we introduce one of them,the simple method:

 Recipes material:chrysanthemum flower 20~30 flowers,Water Chestnut Powder 200 grams,fresh chrysanthemum flower 1 flower(cut into pieces),rock candy.

 Method:boil to cook dry chrysanthemum flower about 10 minutes(wrap the flower with gauze incase residue fall into the water),when the color appears light yellow stop it,do not cook for long period or the drink will taste light bitter.Take out the chrysanthemum flower and add rock candy to adjust the taste for personnal hobby,and the sweet taste nornally we suggest a little more sweet than normal grade,for Water Chestnut Powder added later will make it diluted.then add the chrysanthemum fresh flower pieces,dissolve the Water Chestnut Powder with fitable amount of eau douce,pour the chrysanthemum solution mixed into equilibrium, them braise for 15~20 minutes,it cooked when color became complete clarity,take hot or cold both good.So more recipe added will brings better tastes, such as raisin,red green silk,apricot etc.And this cake taste gentle and sweet,drive off heat and make cool sense.

 Chrysanthemum Dishes:Ju Hua Rou Pian Combine Chrysanthemum with snake,.or fish, chicken to make Chrysanthemum Filet,treat for swirl and swimming,drive off heat.

 Recipes:fresh chrysanthemum flower 100 grams,chicken flesh 250 grams,2 eggs(egg white only),chicken soup 150 grams,salt 3 grams, yellow wine,shallot,ginger,corn powder 20grams each,black pepper powder 2 grams,white sugar,sesame oil 3 grams each, starch solution 50 grams.

 Preparation:flay the chicken soup,get out the veins,cut into pieces.clean the chrysanthemum flower with eau douce,clean the ginger and shallot and cut into pieces shape like nail.add egg white,salt,yellow wine,black pepper powder,corn powder mixture to Chicken pieces surface,put salt,white sugar,chicken soup,black pepper powder,starch solution,sesame oil into bowl and mixed equilibrium for preparation.

 Heat fry boiler,put lard,put chicken pieces when oil hot,left residue oil 50 grams in boiler,put ginger,shallot,then chicken again with yellow wine.Put the mixture into boiler,then add chrysanthemum flower,fry and it cooked.

 Characteristics:chicken pieces fresh and tasty,smells chrysanthemum flower aroma,tonify inner organs,drive off heat and bright eyes,benefit blood and appearance,really delicious in autumn.

 Chrysanthemum Soup:Ju Hua Geng Combines Chrysanthemum with white fungus or lotus seeds,braise or cook to make thick soup,add a little rock candy,benefit inner organs,treat swirl and swimming,get rid off heat.


 1: Chrysanthemum Flower,Ju Hua or Flos Chrysanthemi,Apply and Modern Researches.
 2: see DCTM(Dictionary of the Chinese Traditional Medicine),ISBN:9787532382712,by Shanghai Science and Technology Press.
 3: see CHMM(Zhong Hua Ben Cao,or Chinese Herbal Materia Medica)

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