Proper Special Herbal Extracts:Serial No.P071~P080

proper series icon The common available herb extracts by concentration or standardized grade produced from proper special herbs and natural origins,which are extracted and refined from botanical origin and other natural origins of those oftenly used natural herbs and TCM herbs in certain scale and limited quantities,with constituents and phytochemicals quantified or processed to concentration ratio grade,which used sometime in those fields of traditional herbal practice,modern nutritional supplement for human and animals,the are normally used as herbal remedies,herbal and dietary supplements,cosmetics,and other related purpose.Proper Special Extracts
 Detailed specifications for our proper special extracts in 100 kinds more got listed,meticulous studies and articles available for their description,applications and suggestions.Click to Download Catalogue in PDF format: PDF Catalogue Download

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Item Icon,SerieNo Product English Name/Pin Yin Name Botanical Latin Name INCI Name,EINECS RN,CAS RN Part Used Specification(s)
Greater Calandine Herb Extract.
 Stock StatusP071
Greater Calandine Herb Extract. Chelidonium majus L. Chelidonium Majus Extract
Aerial Part 5:1.10:1.TLC
Notopterygium root Extract.
 Stock StatusP072
Notopterygium root Extract. Notopterygium incisum Ting ex H. T. Chang
or Notopterygium forbesii Boiss.

Dry Rhizoma and Root 10:1.TLC.
Cacumen Platycladi Orientalis Extract.
 Stock StatusP073
Cacumen Platycladi Orientalis Extract. Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco
Leaf twigs 10:1.TLC.
Semen Myristicae Extract.
 Stock StatusP074
Semen Myristicae Extract. Myristica fragrans Houtt. Myristica Fragrans Extract
Fruit Seed Ethanol.
Rhizoma Curculiginis Extract.
 Stock StatusP075
Rhizoma Curculiginis Extract. Curculigo orchioides Gaertn. Curculigo orchioides Gaertn Extract
Dry Rhizome 10:1.TLC
Juniper Berry Extract.
 Stock StatusP076
Juniper Berry Extract. Juniperus communis. Juniperus Communis Extract
Berry 10:1.TLC
Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract.
 Stock StatusP077
Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract. Rhamnus purshianus. Rhamnus Purshiana Extract
Aged Bark 10:1.TLC.
Yellow Sweetclover Extract.
 Stock StatusP078
Yellow Sweetclover Extract. Melilotus officinalis Lam Melilotus Officinalis Extract
Aerial Parts 10:1.TLC.
Couch Grass Extract.
 Stock StatusP079
Couch Grass Extract. Agropyrum repens. Agropyron Repens Extract
Rhizome 10:1.TLC
Hydrangea Root Extract.
 Stock StatusP080
Hydrangea Root Extract. Dichroa febrifuga Lour or
Hydrangea Arborescens.
Hydrangea Arborescens Root Extract
Root 10:1.TLC

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