Polygonatum Odoratum Root or Yu Zhu,a herb used over thousand years!


Applications and Properties:


Polygonatum Odoratum Plant HerbPhytochemicals of Beer Lees.
Replenishing Yin and lungs;Nourish stomach.
Yin exogenous; dizziness and vertigo;
Throat thirsty; heat diabetes;
For lung and stomach yin injury, hot cough, throat thirsty, heat diabetes.


Notes:Sweet little bitter,flat,light warm,entering spleen.
Dosage:Oral: decoction, 6~12grams; Paste, soaked in wine; into pills, powder.
Topical: the right amount, fresh products pound deposited.

Safety and Toxicity:

Polygonatum Odoratum Plant HerbNot recommended for those who suffering from spleen weak and diahrea.


  • 1.Polygonatum Odoratum Root or Yu Zhu,a herb used over thousand years!
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