Acanthopanacis Gracilistyli and Acanthopanax Root Bark,Its Differences and Uses.


Applications and Properties:


for rheumatism and arthralgia, waist and knee pain.
for liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knee pain, foot knee atrophy weak weakness,children sluggish.
for edema, difficult urination.


Acanthopanax Gracilistylus Herb Wu Jia PiRelieve rheumatism, but also liver or kidney, strong bones and muscles, to for rheumatism and arthralgia, waist knee soreness embolism, liver and kidney deficiency rheumatoid those most applicable, can be soaked in wine service,also could combined with Rhizoma Gentiana etc.

Warming liver and kidney, gluten bone health can be used to cure liver and kidney deficiency caused by the waist and knee pain, lower limb weak as well as the the pediatric line late embolism.

Can inducing diuresis for removing edema,could be used to treat edema and difficulty in urination, often with the the Indian bread exodermis, cortex zingiberis rhizomae,pericarpium arecae, cortex lycii radicis.

Dosage: 4.5 to 9 g. Decoction or drink as wine,pills etc.

Safety and Toxicity:

Not recommended to those who suffering with kidney-liver Yin deficiency and fire.


  • 1.Acanthopanacis Gracilistyli and Acanthopanax Root Bark,Its Differences and Uses.
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