Amomum villosum:a traditional spleen tonic and ginger family herb,its botanical introductions,findings and various uses.


Applications and Properties:


Amomum villosum LourSpleen and Stomach Tonic.
Effects on the digestive system.
Effect on the Intestinal Propulsion Movement.
Effect on Platelet Aggregation.
Resolving dampness and boost appetite.
Regulate the flow of vital energy,promoting the circulation of Qi and regulate middle-energizer.
Harmonizing stomach and arouse the spleen.
Miscarriage prevention.
Warming spleen and stopping diarrha.


In the TCM system,the herb Fructus Amomi(Sha Ren) are noted taste hot(spicy) and nature warm.Enter into spleen,stomach,kidney meridians.

In the TCM system,the herb Fructus Amomi(Sha Ren) used for various ailments and indicated for different cases of health problems and disease:turbi damp obstructing in Middle-Energizer,blockage of the stomach duct without hunger,deficiency cold of spleen stomach,poor appetite,diarrhea and vomiting,dysphagia vomiting,anorexia indigestion,hyperemesis gravidarum,threatened abortion,pregnancy movement,abdominal pain and expansion,abdominal pain and diarrhea,abdominal fullness and distention,cold diarrhea dysentery,etc.

Dosage:3~6grams,internal as decoction,better add later if into decoction.

Safety and Toxicity:

Villous Amomum FruitAttention should be paid cases deficiency with heat should Not take the herb.

 1.Acute toxicity:10 mice(body weight 10-20g,half male and half female),Amomum fruit decoction 25g/kg dosage orally once, observed three days,no symptoms of poisoning and death in mice.

 2.Subacute toxicity:10 rats(160-285g body weight),Amomum fruit hot immersion 1.62g/kg orally for 30 days, administration weighed weekly before and after,after the administration make blood test result showed liver function(SGPT),kidney function(NPN),and finally the animals were sacrificed for pathological examination.No significant changes in the results of body weight,liver and kidney functions are in the normal range,no special pathological abnormalities.


  • 1.Amomum villosum:a traditional spleen tonic and ginger family herb,its botanical introductions,findings and various uses.
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