Black Currant Extract Ribes Nigrum Anthocyanidins.


Applications and Properties:


Antioxidants King.
Improves Venous Circulation.
Cortisol secretions and stress-related conditions treatment/Blackcurrant leaves.
Diuretic actions/Blackcurrant leaves.
Skin problem/Blackcurrant leaves.
Eruptive fevers treatment/Blackcurrant young root.
Black Currant Seed Oil.


Black Currant is a perennial shrub native to Northern Europe, West China. The Black Currant plant produces a fruit similar to the American blueberry, but containing higher quantities of constituents useful for visual acuity and night blindness.
Black currant (Ribes nigrum) is a fruit native to woodlands. In addition to the anthocyanin glycosides which are responsible for its color, black currant concentrate also contains sugars and acids (including citric acid) typical of fruits.
Dosage:2-4 g of finely chopped leaves and is taken several times a day.

Safety and Toxicity:

Generally considered safe at suggested dosage,not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding,high blood pressure or heart or blood vessel disease person.


  • 1.Black Currant Extract Ribes Nigrum Anthocyanidins.
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  • Name:Black Currant Extract
  • Serie No:P008.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:271-749-0
  • CAS:68606-81-5
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Ribes Nigrum Extract is the extract of the fruit of the black currant, Ribes nigrum, Saxifragaceae
  • Other Names:Red currant,European black currant,Grosellero Negro,R. nigrum Berry,Quinsy Berries,Squinancy Berries,Botryocarpum nigrum Opiz,Grossularia nigra Rupre.,mustaherukka,Ribes olidum Moench,Siyah Frenkuzumu,Schwarze Johannisbeerblaetter,Gichtbeerblaetter,Cassis,Cassistee,cassissier,Feuilles de Cassis,groseillier noir,ribes nero,mustaherukka,mustaviinimarja,Hei Jia Lun.

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Black Currant Extract INCI Name Ribes Nigrum Extract CAS 68606-81-5 EINECS ELINCS No 271-749-0 Black Currant Berry Extract Black Currant Fruit Seed Leaf Extract

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