Scrophulariae Radix:a cooling herb and holy herb for rootless fire!


Applications and Properties:


Characters: sweet; bitter; salty; slightly cold.
Meridian: enter into lung; stomach; kidney meridians.


Scrophularia Ningpoensis Herbclearing away heat and plays as an antidote; Yin replenishing herb. The Yin replenishing property of Scrophulariaceae can not be as strong as raw Rehmanniae root,but its power to cooling fire is bigger than raw rehmannia root.Scrophulariaceae can detoxify, used a lot for scrofulaceum and sore,but raw rehmannia root is good for Yin nourishing and blood nourishing,used more for Yin and blood deficiency symptoms.
Oral: decoction,9-15g; into pills, powder.
Topical: moderate, mush up or apply with powder.

Safety and Toxicity:

5g isolated total glycoside, low toxicity, the mouse acute LD50po value is 555mg/kg,LD50ip value is 323mg/kg.


  • 1.Scrophulariae Radix:a cooling herb and holy herb for rootless fire!
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Available Product
  • Name:Radix Scrophulariae Extract.
  • Serie No:P009.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC
  • INCI Name:Scrophularia Nodosa Extract
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:290-289-1
  • CAS:90106-65-3
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Scrophularia Nodosa Extract is an extract of the herb and roots of the figwort,Scrophularia nodosa,Scrophulariaceae.
  • Other Names:Xuan Shen,Yuan Shen,Wu Yuan Shen,Hei Shen,Zhe Xuan Shen.Scrophularia Ningpoensis Root Extract.Bei Xuan Shen.Scrophularia Buergeriana Root Extract.Figwort Root Extract.

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Radix Scrophulariae Extract.

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