What is Forsythia Fruit?


Applications and Properties:


Fructus Forsythiae Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae Forsythia suspensa Thunb Vahl lian qiaoClear heat and detoxifier.
Suppurative infections.
Scrofula and subcutaneous nodule treatment.
Exopathogenic wind-heat affection, or the epidemic febrile diseases at the early stage treatment.
Pathogenic heat invasion of ying division, high fever, delirium, deep red and dry tongue.
Boils, carbuncles and furuncles.


Properties:Antimicrobial effect, antiparasitic effect, antiemetic effect, for retina hemorrhage, for acute kidney infection, for pus forming in lungs, acute liver infection, and psoriasis.
Dosage: 6~15 g per day. 500mgs to 200mgs daily for dry extract powder.

Safety and Toxicity:

No toxic data available.


  • 1.What is Forsythia Fruit?
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