Bulbus Lilii Brownii and Lily family.


Applications and Properties:


Bulbus Lilii Brownii Lily Bulb Liliium browniiProperties: yin tonic, demulcent, sedative, expectorant, demulcent, antitussive,Sweet in flavour, slightly cold inproperty, acting onthe lung and heart channels. Nourish-ing the lung to arrest cough and clearing away heart-fire to tranquilize the mind.
Cough due to dryness of the lung and phth-isical cough with he-moptysis.
Laterstage of febrilediseases with linger-ing fever, fidgeti-ness due to defici-ency, fright-induced palpitation, vague mind, insomnia and dreaminess.


This herb is thepulpy bulb of Lilium brownii F.E.Brown vat.viridulum Baker orLilium pumilum D.C.(family Liliaceae).It is washed clean after being dug out in autumn, slightly sca-lded in boiling water, dried in the sun, and used unprepared or stir- baked with honey.
Bulbus Lilii Brownii Lily Bulb Liliium browniiElongated elliptical, 2~5cm long, 1~2cm wide, 3~4mm thick at middle. Externally whitish, pale brownish-yellow or purplish, with several longitudinal and paralled white vascular bundles. Apex somewhat acute, base relatively broad, margins thin, undulate, slightly curved inwards. Texture hard and fragile, fracture relatively even, horny. Odorless; taste, slightly bitter.
Dosage:10-30g, decocted inwater for an oraldose. For clearingaway heart fire, itshould be used un-prepared, and for nourishing the lung, stir-baked with honey.

Safety and Toxicity:

Generally considered safe and no toxic effects.Precautions: Lily bulb should not be prescribed for patients with cough due to pathogenic wind-cold or loose stool due to endoge-nous cold in the middle-jiao.


  • 1.Bulbus Lilii Brownii and Lily family.
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  • Name:Lily Bulb Extract
  • Serie No:P016.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:283-996-1
  • CAS: 84776-67-0
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Lilium Candidum Extract is an extract of the bulbs of the white lily, Lilium candidum,Liliaceae
  • Other Names:Lanceleaf Lily Bulb,Greenish Lily Bulb,Low Lily Bulb,Greenish Lily,Bulbus Lilii,Liliium brownii,Bulbus Lilii Brownii,L. Pumilum, L. Lancifolium.Bai He.

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