Botanical Information and Identification of Lotus.


Botanical Information and Identification of Lotus.

Lotus Seed Nelumbo Nucifera  Semen Nelumbus  Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn lian zi  Lian Zi
 Species:Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.
 Other Common Names:Lotus Seed,Lotus Seed,Lian Zi.Nelumbo nucifera.
 Pharmaceutical Latin:Semen Nelumbinis
 Latin:Semen Nelumbinis
 Pinyin:Lian Zi
 Treasures:Jing and Qi
 Atmospheric Energy:Neutral
 Organ Meridian Systems:Kidney, Spleen and Heart
 Properties:Sweet and astringent in flavor, mild in nature, it is related to the spleen, kidney and heart channels.
 Caution: See separate listing for Lotus Flower


  • 1.Lotus Seed,Semen Nelumbus and traditional remedy!

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