Lotus Seed:Administration Guide.


Lotus Seed:Administration Guide.

Lotus Seed Nelumbo Nucifera  Semen Nelumbus  Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn lian zi How much lotus seed should I take?
 Dosage and Administration:The typical dose of lotus seed is 6-15 grams of crushed or powdered seed, boiled in water for use as a decoction.

 What forms of lotus seed are available?

 Raw, unprepared lots seeds can be found at some herbal shops and Asian markets. Powdered and crushed lotus seeds can also be found at some specialty stores. Lotus seed is also available in capsule and tablet form.

 What can happen if I take too much lotus seed? Are there any interactions I should be aware of? What precautions should I take?

 Lotus seeds should not be taken by people who are constipated or have a distended abdomen. As of this writing, there are no known drug interactions with lotus seed. As always, make sure to consult with a licensed health care provider before taking lotus seeds or any other herbal remedy or dietary supplement.

 Contraindications: Not to be used by those who are experiencing constipation.

 Primary Combinations,Combine with:

 1. Ginseng, Poria and Dioscorea to tonify the Spleen and Kidney

 2. Astragalus Seed, Euryale seed, Cornus, Dragon tooth, Oyster shell, Cnidium and Cuscuta to astringe the Kidneys and prevent premature ejaculation and to treat chronic vaginal discharge


  • 1.Lotus Seed,Semen Nelumbus and traditional remedy!

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