Administration and Property,Classical Notes of Rose Hips.


Administration and Property,Classical Notes of Rose Hips.

 Rose Hip Rosa canina photo  Tropism of taste
 taste:bitter and astringent,cooling.
 Ri Hua Zi Ben Cao recorded:taste bitter and astringent,cooling,non-toxic.
 Nan Ning Shi Yao Wu Zhi recorded:sweet astringent,property smooth.

 Channel Tropism:Enter Spleen and Kidney meridians.

 Folk Remedies:Dog Rose

 (1).treat arthritis,partial paralysis,irregular menstruation,urinary incontinence or aconuresis,leucorrhoea, oral erosions: Dog rose root 5 Qian to 1 Liang. Decoction. ("Shanghai Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicine")

 (2).treat enuresis in children,frequent urination of the elderly, women with menorrhagia: Dog rose 1 liang.Boil with lean pork.

 (3).treat habitual epistaxis: Dog rose root bark 2 liang. Stewing with old hen and taken. Once a week,keep three weeks.

 (4).treat boils or furuncle in summer: fresh dog rose 3 liang.Taken decoction as tea. (from Jiangxi "Herbal Handbook")

 (5).treat burns(not broken):Dog rose,dove hair the same amount.washing wounds with decoction.

 (6).treating traumatic injury:Dog rose 1 liang.Simmer water into the gravy,taken with wine added.

 (7).treat vomiting or bleeding hemorrhoids: Dog rose 1 liang. Simmer with water taken as decoction. (from "Guizhou herbs")


 Toxicity tests showed that the dog rose extract saps with admin dosage 13.4g/kg, 20g/kg, 27g/kg were fed to mice oral, 1 time 1 day, continuous 5d or 10d, part animal liver and kidney steatosis, no tissue necrosis,after discontinuation occured a reversible lesion. Mice by intraperitoneal injection of the dog rose total extract LD/50 to 127g (crude drug) / kg.


  • 1.Rose Hip:Rosa canina,a wild rosa fruit and its herbal uses.

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  • Name:Rose Hip Extract.
  • Serie No:P029.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:283-652-0
  • CAS:84696-47-9
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Rosa Canina Fruit Extract is an extract of the fruit of the dog rose,Rosa canina,Rosaceae
  • Other Names:Rosa Canina Fruit Extract,Wild Rosa Fruit Extract,Mountain Rosa Fruit Extract.Dog Rose Fruit Extract.

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