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Basic Features
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  • Name:Cucumber Extract
  • SN(Serial No.):P032.
  • Specifications:10:1 TLC.
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:289-738-4
  • CAS:89998-01-6
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Cucumis Sativus Extract is an extract of the fruit of the cucumber,Cucumis sativus,Cucurbitaceae
  • Physical state:Fine Powder(Solid).

 Standard Specifications:

Standard and Specifications
Test/Observation Specifications/Result
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Name:Cucumber Extract.
Serial Number:P032.
Part Used:Fruit of Cucumis sativus.
EINECS/ELINCS No.:289-738-4
Chem/IUPAC Name:Cucumis Sativus Extract is an extract of the fruit of the cucumber, Cucumis sativus, Cucurbitaceae
Shelf Life:24months+ at proper storage conditons.
Appearance:Light Yellow Fine Powder.
Mesh Size:100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
Color:Light Yellow.
Odor and Smell:Characteristic Light Aromatic.
Taste Sense:Characteristic Sweet.
Bulk Density:0.46~0.50g/ml.
Loss On Drying:<5.0%.
Total Heavy Metals:< 10ppm.
Total Plate Count:≤ 3,000~5,000 Cfu/gm or ≤1,000 Cfu/gm
Mould and Yeast:≤ 300~500 Cfu/gm or ≤100 Cfu/gm

 Supplying Conditions:

Supplying Conditions
Supplying Conditions Details
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Physical State:Fine powder
Availability:√ In StockIn Stock
Shelf-Life:24~36+ Months(2~3 Years) at proper storage conditons.
Storage Conditions:Store at cool dry place,away from strong light and heat.light heat avoid

 Packaging Conditions:

Packaging Conditions
Packaging ConditionsDetails
Details:Expand For More
Packing Method:Airtight packaging, suitable for long distance airway or other types international transportation.airtight
Unit Packing Weight:1.0kgs~10.0kgs(2.2~22.0lbs) / bag; or
20.0~25.0kgs(44.0~55.0lbs) / bag
Packaging Details:More information on packing specifications and packaging details.

 Product Batches Display:

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Cucumber Extract Sample View:Cucumber Extract.10:1 TLC.
Cucumber Extract Retail Packaging Cucumber Extract.Unit Packaging

 Product Introductions:

  Cucumber Herb  Brief Introduction:The product Cucumber Extract is made from the fruit part of the Cucumis sativus,which is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family.Its specification available at concentration ratio 10:1grade with strong potency.The manufacturing of the products followed standard flow chart and in brief as:
 Raw Herb Material-->Select&Wash-->Stoving-->Smashing-->Extract&Reflow-->Concentration-->Double Evaporation-->Drying-->Seving-->Mixing-->Packing-->Product

 It has very good fine fluidity and very nice solubility in cold and hot water,alcohol,or solution of water alcohol,and some other inorganic or organic solutions.

 The product Cucumber Extract has wide applications and may be used in different fields including herbal teas,drinks,supplements and cosmetics etc,there is some introduction of its brief application guide both traditional and modern.

  Cucumber and Laver Soup  Traditional Applications 1:Cucumber and Laver Soup:The Cucumber and Laver Soup is a tonic diet suggested at summer days,it need raw material cucumber 100 grams,Laver 250 grams,ginger powder,salt,sesame oil,chicken essence,soy sauce,thick soup proper volume.

 Prepare method and steps:
 Cucumber1.Wash clean the laver,cut into segments;Wash clean the cucumber,cut into crude shreds;

 2.Prepare a cook pot,add thick soup and heat till boiling,add laver segments,cucumber shreds,ginger powder,heat till boiling again,add salt,chicken essence,soy sauce,sesame oil proper amount to personal favor,mix well enough,stop heat,the Cucumber and Laver Soup is prepared.

 Enjoy the Cucumber and Laver Soup with meal.The tonic diet functions dissipate stagnation and reduce phlegm,clearing heat and diuretic.Could be used to prevent cancer.

 LaverThe Cucumber and Laver Soup is a kind of herbal tonic diet which dissipate stagnation and reduce phlegm,clearing heat and diuretic.The tonic diet better enjoy at summer days around solar term "Mang Zhong,the Grainin Ear",at ealy June,those corps with awn(such like barley,wheat) mature and harvest season comes,at which season the climate changes,rain days more and longer,feverish.At this season,better follow principle of light diet,light diet supply body with necessary glucose and trace elements,vitamins,and improve disease resistance,vitamin C which those vegetables contains may aid to repair the blood vessels,and transport cholesterol which deposited at the vascular wall(blood vessel wall) to liver where it turned to bile acid,help prevent and treat arteriosclerosis(hardening of the arteries) to some extent.The light diet should use vegetable with cool nature as main materials,which aid saliva and body fluid production,relieve thirst,relieving restlessness and relieving summer-heat,clearing heat and discharge internal fire,detoxification and relaxing the bowels(free movement of the bowels,defaecation,laxative,cathartic),those vegetable with cool nature at summer days are known as:bitter melon,sponge gourd,cucumber,tomato,eggplant,celery,lettuce,asparagus etc.These vegetables are rich in nutrients,contain large amount of dietary fibre,prompt bowel movements,reduce toxins which normally absorbed in intestines,prevent premature senility.

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