Almond,Prunus dulcis,history,nutritional analysis and common benefit uses?


Applications and Properties:


Apricot Kernels Prunus Armeniaca Almond Amygdalus communis LINNNutrition Value: Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts,rich in magnesium(more than spinach or oatmeal), phosphorus and zinc,healthy fiber,calcium and vitamin E(in form of alpha-tocopherol),great source of the folic acid,A one-ounce serving of almonds provides more than 35 percent of your Daily Value of vitamin E.
Dietetic value.
Cleanser of Kidneys, bladder and biliary.
Heartburn relief.
Cancer Prevention.
Bone strong and preventing osteoporosis.
Heart Attack Risk reduce.
Lower Cholesterol and Strong Heart.


ALMOND: (Prunus dulcis) The Sweet Almond tree has dark-colored bark, rose to white flowers in early spring, and dry-fleshed fruit with a pitted stone containing the nut. Almonds flavor many dishes. Almond oil is a fixed oil pressed from the Sweet Almond seeds and is used in cosmetics, massage oils, and medicines.

Apricot Kernels Prunus Armeniaca Almond Amygdalus communis LINNAlmonds must be chewed well and slowly. The whole raw almond had been described as a cancer preventative. Arabs crossing vast deserts live on only almonds, dates and water. One ounce of almonds can be soaked overnight in four ounces of water and blended in the morning to make a milk substitute. Peeled almonds can relieve heartburn. Ground almonds make a wonderful facial scrub. The oil relieves coughs and hoarseness. Almonds have very little starch, and the butter and flour of the nuts is recommended for diabetics.

Safety and Toxicity:

Generally considered safe as food,no toxic data available.


  • 1.Almond,Prunus dulcis,history,nutritional analysis and common benefit uses?
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