Cynomorium is used for impotence in men and lack of libido in women due to deficiency of Kidney Yang energy.


Applications and Properties:


Function and Indication: Nourish kidney yang, replenish vital essence and blood, moisten the bowels to relieve constipation. Indicated for lassitude in loin and knee, impotence and seminal emission, dry intestine and constipation.
Invigorate the kidney and supplement essence.
Moisturize the intestine and relax the bowels.
Action: to reinforce the kidney yang, to replenish vital essence and blood, and to relax bowels.
Premature ejaculation.Urinary problems.Infertile.Weak.Kidney weak and ejacution,dysfunction.
Cardiac effects.Gastric ulcer.Hypoxia endurance.
Dyspepsia,Leucorrhea,stomach acid treatment.


Herba Cynomorii  Malta Fungus Cynomorium songaricum Rupr StemCynomorium didn't enter into the Materia Medica until Zhu Danxi of the Mengolia period mentioned it in his Bencao Yanyi Buyi (Supplement and Expansion of Materia Medica, 1347). The Mengolia period, when the civilization of middle earth China ruled by the mongolias, introduced several plants from the Mongolian area, including this one. Zhu Danxi also offered a formula with cynomorium that became quite famous, Huqian Wan (Hidden Tiger Pills), used for impotence and/or for weakness and atrophy of the legs. The formula is named for the tiger in crouched position, ready to spring. In order to attain that position (which is also replicated in Gong Fu with the "crouching tiger" technique), one must have great strength in the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the legs. This strengthening is sometimes referred to as "hardening" of yin (substance of the body); but that doesn't necessarily indicate lack of flexibility. The weak leg disorders were first described in the Neijing Suwen (ca. 100 A.D.), in the chapter on wei syndrome, which is translated as atrophy or wilting syndrome. There were five types of atrophy listed, associated with each of the five organs. The disorder was thought to derive from heat or damp-heat damaging the yin.

Cynomorium is considered to be a superb tonic to the primal yang essence and is thus used in many tonics for both men and women. It is widely believed in the Orient to be a superb longevity herb and an excellent sexual tonic and stimulant. It is said to strengthen the bones.

Dosage: Take as decoction,7.5 grams to 15 grams;take as pills or soft paste.

Safety and Toxicity:

Generally safe when properly suggested,Blurred vision is a potential side effect from high dose Cynomorium songaricum;Cynomorium is not well suited to people who are severely Yin deficient since it is primarily a Yang herb. Also, it is not well suited to people who are suffering either chronically or acutely from diarrhea since it tends to loosen stool.


  • 1.Cynomorium is used for impotence in men and lack of libido in women due to deficiency of Kidney Yang energy.
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  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Cynomorium Songaricum Extract is an extract from the fleshy stem of Cynomorium songaricum Rupr,Cynomoriaceae.
  • Other Names:Herba Cynomorii,Cynomorium Stem,Songaria Cynomorium Herb,Herbal Cynomorii,Suo Yang,Malta Fungus,Di Mao Qiu,Xiu Tie Bang,Suo Yan Zi,Maltese mushroom,Cynomorium Root,Bu Lao Cao,Xiu Tie Bang,Di Mao Qiu,Huang Gu Lang,Suo Yan Zi,Yang Suo Bu La,Ye R Mai Ta Ge,WuLan-GaoYa.

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