Melilotus officinalis Lam:great favourites of the bees.The King's Clover and Its Fragrance.


Basic Botanical Info:Melilotus officinalis.:

Yellow Sweetclover Yellow melilot clover Melilotus officinalis Lam  Scientific Name:Melilotus officinalis
 Species:Melilotus officinalis(L.)Pall.
 Latin names:Melilotus officinalis Lam. Melilotus officinalis(L.)Pall.
 Common Name:Melilot(sweet clover),Annual yellow sweetclover,Yellow sweetclover

 Other Common Names:Citroengele Honingklaver, Common Melilot,Corn Melilot,Hindigug,Hsun Ts'Ao,Iklil El Malik,Kokulu Yonca,Ling Ling Hsiang,Meliloto,Mirliro,Nifal,Ribbed Melilot,Seiyo-Ebira-Hagi,Sweet Clover,Yellow Melilot,Yellow Sweet Clover,Yellow Sweet-clover,Yellow Sweetclover
 Synonyms:Yellow Melilot.White Melilot.Corn Melilot.King's Clover.Sweet Clover.Plaster Clover.Sweet Lucerne.Wild Laburnum.Hart's Tree.
 Plant Type:Biennial
 Where To Plant:Full Sun to Partly Shady
 Origin(native to where):temperate Asia

 Yellow Sweetclover Yellow melilot clover Melilotus officinalis LamBotanical source:Melilotus officinalis (Linn.), Melilotus alba (Desv.),Melilotus arvensis (Lamk.)
 Pronunciation:mel-i-LO-tus oh-fis-in-AY-lis
 Habitat:Open disturbed sites to 4500' in most of California except the desert, naturalized from Eurasia
 Blooming period:May to August
 Flower Color(s):Yellow
 Plant Type:Herb,Annual,Biennial,Perennial
 Height:To 5 feet (1.5 m)tall

 Parts Used Medicinally:The whole herb is used,dried,for medicinal purposes,the flowering shoots,gathered in May,separated from the main stem and dried in the same manner as Broom tops.The dried herb has an intensely fragrant odour,but a somewhat pungent and bitterish taste.


  • 1.Melilotus officinalis Lam:great favourites of the bees.The King's Clover and Its Fragrance.

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  • Name:Yellow Sweetclover Extract
  • Serie No:P078
  • Specifications:10:1.TLC
  • EINECS/ELINCS No.:282-028-5
  • CAS:84082-81-5
  • Chem/IUPAC Name:Melilotus Officinalis Extract is an extract of the aerial parts of the sweet clover,Melilotus officinalis,Leguminosae

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Yellow Sweetclover Extract INCI Name Melilotus Officinalis Extract CAS 84082-81-5 EINECS ELINCS No 282-028-5 Melilot extract Yellow melilot clover extract Melilotus officinalis Lam photo picture image

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