LibidEros:Enjoy your passion with Magic Herbs!


Preface:Libido and Body's Wisdom.

Love Adam EvaIt remains ambiguous whether,for Hegel,any relationship of love,no matter how developed,could be strong enough to withstand the crystallizing power of reflective rationality....Reflective thought is inherently incapable of comprehending love.As Hegel later says in Philosophy of Right," the most tremendous contradiction;the Understanding cannot resolve it"

.......Alice Ormiston.


LibidEros(Power of Love) actually is an Epicurean Art, it really dramatically increase your Healthness,Energy,Power and Your Body to Have Sex,yes, this art is Especially for Sex Only Purpose.
LibidEros(Power of Love) is a powerful blood flow stimulator that pushes blood into the erectile chambers of your penis during arousal (erect state). Over time, the increase in both the amount of blood flow and force of blood flow may cause the erectile chambers to expand, thereby creating a larger, fuller erection with extended pleasure.


LibidEros(Power of Love) contains the most precious and expensive herb and phytochemicals that can be found only at high-priced herbal products, including Epimedium leaf,Cnidium Fruit Seed,Schisandra Fruit,Cuscuta Seed,Chinese Dodder,Saw Palmetto Berry,Panax Ginseng Root,Ginger Root and many other kinds of strong herbs from us.


Dosage:1.5~3.5 grams daily or accordingly to personnel cases,No over dose.


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  • Name:LibidEros(V-151223)
  • Serie No:F001
  • Version:V-151223.
  • Serving Size:3500 mgs.
  • Material State:Fine Powder
  • Content Used:100% Natural Herbal Essence.
  • Mesh Size:100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
  • Mobility:Good fine at proper packing storage conditions.
  • SF(suitable for):♂♀(Male,Female)
  • Name:LibidEros(V-111201)
  • Serie No:F001
  • Version:V-111201.
  • Serving Size:3450 mgs.
  • Material State:Fine Powder
  • Content Used:100% Natural Herbal Derivatives.
  • Mesh Size:95% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
  • Mobility:Good fine at proper packing storage conditions.
  • SF(suitable for):♂(Male)

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