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Preface:Libido and Body's Wisdom,The Secret of Body and Sensations.

Preface:Libido and Body's Wisdom:

Body's Wisdom:"There is more sagacity in thy body than in thy best wisdom. And who then knoweth why thy body requireth just thy best wisdom?"

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, A Book for All and None.1883-85.Friedrich Nietzsche.(1844~1900)

The Secret of Body and Sensations:

Libido Body FlowLong period research the veil(s) about form changes of libido and energy brings Prof.Deleuze reaches to such a secret: "Flesh hide and keep in a kind of argot!"...Flesh or Body not thinking, but enforce the ego to think of what escape from spirit: Life.

Thus this discussion in turn forms an important part of the general critique of Hegel and Hegelianism under the sign of the philosophy of representation. Against such a philosophy and its grotesque theatre of the movement of the concept,Deleuze proposes a theatre of repetition,in which:

"We experience pure forces,dynamic lines in space that act without intermediary upon the spirit and link it directly with nature and history, with a language which speaks before words, with gestures that develop before organised bodies,with masks before faces,with spectres and phantoms before characters---the whole apparatus of repetition as a 'terrible power'."

But spiritual things are happening in his body.Ideas,Deleuze argues,are the virtualities or larval swarms that writhe in the flesh.These virtualities occur when a swarm of vectors passes a singularity,when a transversal synthesis occurs between distinct elements.

......Gilles Deleuze.1994.(1925~1995)


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