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Viagra is a Poison?

viagra is poisonA Houston man James Thompson filed a lawsuit in June 2005 in federal court against Pfizer, claiming he suffered blindness after taking its best-selling erectile dysfunction drug famously known:Viagra. James Thompson filed the civil suit against Pfizer in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas on Tuesday and is seeking more than $75,000 for his vision loss. He is also seeking class-action status because it has been estimated that since 1998,over than 23 million people have taken the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, the trade name for sildenafil.

The side-effects of Viagra:In a small number of cases, people who have taken Viagra have complained of headaches, flushing and stomachache. It can also cause some visual problems, including an increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision or an inability to tell the difference between blue and green. Men who are already taking medicines that contain nitrates, such as nitroglycerine, are strongly advised not to use Viagra because the combination of Viagra and nitroglycerin can lower blood pressure to even fatal levels. There are also concerns about its safety following the deaths of 39 American men who have taken the drug.Yeah Man,39 guys died of Viagra!

viagra is poisonThe US Food and Drug Administration reviewed the deaths and found that there is no evidence Viagra had caused the fatalities. Several of the men were also taking nitroglycerin which is known to cause potentially fatal interactions with Viagra.Viagra is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor and it works by helping the blood flow into the penis to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation.

Viagra should be considered for use only after a clinical evaluation that involves a physical exam and medical history to confirm a diagnosis of impotence and to assess the appropriateness of Viagra therapy.

Because impotence often is associated with serious medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, a medical exam can be important in identifying potential underlying causes that may themselves require treatment.

There is a degree of cardiovascular risk associated with sexual activity, particularly among older patients with known cardiovascular disease. Because sexual intercourse, like other forms of physical exertion, increases the heart rate as well as the cardiac workload, your doctor may wish to assess your cardiovascular status prior to their resumption of sexual activity or initiation of any treatment for impotence.

The FDA product brochure for Viagra(sildenafil) warns patients who are using an anti-angina medicine containing nitrites(nitroglycerine),that sidenafil can induce a sudden blood pressure drop that could cause fainting and,rarely,death.The product brochure also describes the possibility of blue vision,which is considered to be more annoying than harmful.In addition,blindness,a rare side effect,has recently been reported due to the use of this family of medicines.

As early as in September 2001,the German Health Ministry disclosed that the data bank of the Swedish-based Uppsala Monitoring Centre(UMC) had recorded 616 cases of people who had died after using Viagra.But the comments of Pfizer-the manufacturing company, were not available.

Nature and Love:How to increase desire through the knowledgeable use of herbs...

NatureofSpiceEach man and woman, from early youth to adulthood, considers emotional and sexual spheres as an extremely important part of their existance. Fundamental decisions are linked to love and sex along the path that each individual must travel during the course of his years, often accompanied by a happy or unhappy approach to sexuality which influences decisions, events and initiatives.

An unhappy or bad relationship may condition and also influence insecurity, shyness or at worst a sense of frustration, tending to minimise faith in oneself which is the basis of success in life.

Early man probably did not experience these problems,however,today,where everything is analysed and continually controlled, even to the extent of inverting sexual desire determined by external factors such as stress, pollution. drug and medicine abuse or by a profound psychological conflict such as a desire for success, to be first, or excessive competition.

Unfortunately, modern man has always and still does suffer from a bombardment of continual research by society, by progression towards the creation of an increasingly less human figure and an increasingly more technological one. All the Splendid Opportunities offered by Nature, with its immense knowledge of how to affront and resolve most of its Problems, Have Been Discarded. Nature has, however, provided man with what is needed, just as long as he is humble enough to observe simple, effective but not harmful answers to these problems, helping in moments of difficulty, weakness and impotence.

At this point all that nature offers should be taken into consideration, especially in the cure of sexual problems. The use of aromatic herbs in cooking or tisanes used to combat colds or bad digestion has always been common. Very few people know, however, that herbs are potent aphrodisiacs, stimulants and provoke a state of auphobia, creating as type of aura around a person acting as a sexual attraction. A common saying is that "food attracts man" refers to a woman's ability to cook but the meaning is deeper. The Kitchen may truly become a Laboratory, where Magic Rituals occur, with the concoction of potions which stimulate and increase the art of love in those people who no longer posses an erotic stimulus sufficient to stimulate their partner or to capture another.

It is the correct usage of nature's products:the essences, aromatic baths and tisanes,but especially the gastronomic patrimony combined with a pinch of magic, the right ingredient at the right time. It is important to remember that even if these apparently "natural" herbs are innocuous, they are potent and it is necessary to fully understand their characteristics in order to avoid unpleasant and harmful surprises. It is therefore necessary to carefully examine the comportamental causes of sufferers of sexual problems in order to choose correctly.


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