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Client Testimonials

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Available Product
  • Name:LibidEros(V-151223)
  • Serie No:F001
  • Version:V-151223.
  • Serving Size:3500 mgs.
  • Material State:Fine Powder
  • Content Used:100% Natural Herbal Essence.
  • Mesh Size:100% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
  • Mobility:Good fine at proper packing storage conditions.
  • SF(suitable for):♂♀(Male,Female)
  • Name:LibidEros(V-111201)
  • Serie No:F001
  • Version:V-111201.
  • Serving Size:3450 mgs.
  • Material State:Fine Powder
  • Content Used:100% Natural Herbal Derivatives.
  • Mesh Size:95% Pass 80 Mesh Screen.
  • Mobility:Good fine at proper packing storage conditions.
  • SF(suitable for):♂(Male)

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