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Life habitat suggestions:Argot of Body Wisedom.

Body has its own Wisdom

body wisdomBody has its own Wisdom, Our bodies communicate with us continually. They send us messages about our state of being: our needs, desires, likes, and dislikes. We often are not aware of these messages; hence, our state of being is not optimal. Exercise provokes a natural 'high' caused by the brain's secretion of endorphins - morphine-like chemicals that help combat pain and stress. It is this chemical that many fitness fanatics become addicted to, but as long as your reaction to it does not become obsessive, endorphins give you a healthy sense of wellbeing. Endorphins can influence the release of dopamine or alter the number or sensitivity of dopamine receptors.

Georges Bataille,in his famous writing L'Histoire De L'Erotisme(Gallimard,1976),proposed some basic conditions of man,that modern man's the fantasy of denying flesh and brutish nature finally proved failed,eroticism or carnal desire's rationality should be judged from the extreme happy it brought to individuals,exhausting extra energy is a request happiness laid to man,it broken the demarcations.Actually Christian religion kept the holiness of Demons,only avoid to authorize it.In secular world,mortals bears the same sorrowful fate with demons,on the other side,Gods enjoy the glory and holy world,Bataille proposed a finding that Hertz,a disciple of Émile Durkheim,connected purity-right-holiness opposite to impure-left-decular(in hiw work La PrÉeminence de la main droite,1928),this new classification system brings some change on the morality senses of eroticism,which connected salacity or eroticism with evil clearly on the background where the tempting holy and serious world against the disgusting and corrupting evil world,salacity got treated and need to be abandoned,but what abandoned may became extremely attempting.The decision power of demons have 2 oppositional characters,demons are jealous of the god,could not agree with the priority of God,but Non-serviam(refuse to be tools and only have use value in the secular world) not always owns the disgusting meanings.And this power losing is a condition really opress human.So when talked about the all mighty God,hundreds years of fighting in the Christian tradition represented a trial against the voices who refuse labor values,this is the God of labor,or God of use value,like the intermediate decision power the Jansenism believers owned,only watching this evil and heter world,christian could keep some totality,which finally give eroticism an evil characteristics.

Red Hollow HeartBataille compared married woman and commercial sex work,the later is completely an object could be commented and complete erotic from head to toe,but in marriage,wife one the other side formed an intermediate function,so when a conservative wife want to seduce someone,she will play and dress like a sex worker,as the right to be naked is not a patent of a sex worker but from the entice of a thing,or entice comes from graspable object,sex work has the privilege to turn a women into a "thing",or a naked body in erotic sensations,thus sex workers has never been given attentions they should be given,isolated thing only existed as an object need to be merged,feminity and leisure brings gentleness characters to erotic.And proposed the pretended beauty of high class harlot against crazy brutish nature of dissolute woman is necessary,as the opposition got simplified,it brings metaphor symbols of the two oppositional world which totality preserved provide support for composition of salacity.The union formed by the lovers is an exhausting union,it forget the states and labor,use value discipline and exhausting finally devour the lover's union with its unresisting vanity,as in the use value world,growth of property is the rule,labor increased the quantity of the products we owned,and finally comes war.Another basic facts man should considered:we have large amount of energy,whatever we should exhausting them,those people who joined political fightings never obey the truth brought by salacity,for salacity always sacrifice those energy used for fighting.As homme servile move their sight from anything useless,from those things could not bring any usefulness,which means thought obeys useful purpose,are finally proved very dreadful,which means the failure of man,but homme servile come into power everywhere,if no one against them.Finally man need decision making,because own something useless is useful,the autonomous activity of eroticism is useless.

Deleuze reads with an eye for heretical doctrines (Spinoza’s ontology of bodily affects/forces & Hume’s radical empiricism) which retain the power to provoke/disconcert. Also his study on Nietzsche instituted a love affair between Nietzsche and the French in the mid 20th century. Great heroes (Nietzsche and Spinoza) stand for counter tradition of skeptical, affirmative, nonsubjectcentered, instinctually driven "desiring-production".Deleuze said as much, claiming that the body and the brain constituted a "material continuum", which was in contact with the external world and his conception of desire parallels Bergson’s "élan vital".

The collaboration with political theorist Felix Guattari, similar in spirit to late '60's antipsychiatry movement, resulted in two books "Anti-Oedipus" and "A Thousand Plateaus". Anti-Oedipus is a joint diatribe, a vast chaotic potpourri book that attacks Freudian psychoanalysis as well as the Lacanian poststructuralist adaptation for being the instrument of channeling/policing the flow of itinerant "molecular" desire which reinforces the "molar" prescriptions of the capitalist sociopolitical order. These attacks also established the 1970’s as the decade of the philosophy of desire. To be brief, Freudian psychoanalysis was heavily subject to the following criticism:

- for being excessively reductionist in its simplification of everything into a fundamental oedipal triangle
- for celebrating a conventional and repressive family structure
- for compelling multidimensional desire into constricted and restrictive canals.

The failure of psychoanalysis to recognize the many natures of desire leads to reductionism where multiplicity is reduced to unity and the proliferation of meaning is deciphered by oedipal complex

Difference and RepetionInstead of Freud’s theatrical vision of the unconscious and Lacan’s linguistic vision of an unconscious structured like language, Deleuze and Guattari proposed the metaphor of a factory containing "desiring machines". Guattari intended the idea of machine as the indication where desire begins production at the stage where there is "no question of a structure or a subject position or coordinates of references." The Anti-Oedipus begins by describing a desiring machine: an organ machine connected to a source machine that emits a flow. E.g., a breast is the machine that produces milk and the mouth is the machine connected to it. Many literary allusions are used to explain the function of these desiring machines, such as the following: "under the skin, the body is an overheated factory;" Kafka's writing machine from "In the penal Settlement"; Beckett's narrator's construction, the machine from "Molloy".

The last collaborative work, "What is Philosophy", very different from the iconoclastic books of the 70's, attempts to answer the title by stating that, contra the traditional models of contemplation, reflection or communication, philosophy is a discipline that creates concepts. The entire history of philosophy contains "signed concepts" (e.g., Descartes' cogito or Leibniz' monads) because philosophers are "friends of concepts." Science, in this respect, generates propositions and functions, whereas art is composed of words, color or sounds that "capture and encode sensory perceptions."


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