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Customer Service Your health and satisfaction with our products and cooperation are of equal importance to us! Customer Care Center help answer your questions about the products and services we manufacture and supplying,togethor with other common questions.
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 Order FAQ Ordering Support
 Which covered topics and applicable online services of order related:ordering support,PO related policies,Order Tracking,After Sale Service,Privacy Policy!

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 You are looking to locate an purchase for our products,unclear about the price,terms?You have some good suggestions for our cooperations,Contact us and welcome!

 Other Questions Other FAQs
 Here are some other questions unclassified,such like What is DGM?,Is there any liquid or saps available?,Does root or leaves of herbs available?ewtc.maybe other questions you cared got answered here!

Catalogue Catalogue Catalogue
 Need to know better our products in a brief list, you may download it easily at this catalog page for a reference! The sheet covered all our major products which available in production:Standardized Herbal Extracts, Newly Developed Extracts, Proper Special Extracts, Pure Phytochemicals, Aromatic Herbal Teas and Herbal Blend Plus.They are 100% pure natural herbal essence!

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 Technology Technology and QC
 Detailed introduction of our Quality management system,quality assurance system,processing flow,and equipment for QC!

Packing Packing Conditions  Packing Conditions
 Our products packing for retails and cargo orders are properly arranged for long distance shipment and resisitable for variable surrounding conditions during shipment!

Self Help Tools and Health Tools Self Help Tools and Health Tools  Self Help Health Tools
 There is some useful online Self Help Tools and Health Tools available for convenience:Weight Unit Converter,Currency Conversion,Capacity and Volume Conversion,Length Conversion,Online Calculator,BMI(Body Mass Index) Calculator,Ideal Weight Calculator, Waist-hip Ratio Calculator, Smoking Cost Calculator, Lean Body Mass Calculator, Calorie Burn Calculator, VO2max Calculator, Running Calorie Burn Calculator, Body Adiposity Index Calculator, Weight Loss Calculator, Daily Calorie Intake Calculator, etc.

Common Knowledge Common Knowledge  Common Knowledge
 There are some basic knowledge related with our products as a background for public opinions and educational purpose,we hope these will make you know a little more about herbs and its conditions!

 Electronic Information Dissemination Electronic Information Dissemination
 Notification rights reserved for Electronic Copyright Notice,Electronic Preprints,Collected Works,Personal Servers,Classroom Use!

 Software Download  Software Download
 Common Software Download:download link available for commonly used supportive software:Alibaba TradeManager,Google Talk software,Skype-IM,etc!

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 Acceptable link exchange on Page of Classified Links for other site with topics health,nutrition,herbs,natural supplement,herb photo site related,friend engines,directory,herb database site,webpages and related sites!

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