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Link Exchange The Classified Herbal Links accept reciprocal link and link exchange with quality third party links, you can send link request with detailed information for the link exchange building request with the "Classified Herbal Links"!
 Before submitting your link exchange request, Pls read introductions of the link policy and reciprocal link code which attached below.

Link Exchange Information Submit!

  ∗For link-exchange, you can send below informations necessary by email to:Email
  ∗Note:For link-exchange communication, you need to be an admin or webmaster of above links you suggested.
  ∗Note:Your Information submit protected by Privacy Policy

Link Verification and Link Policy

 Links Exchange Link Verification:the link request received normally will be verified in 1 weeks around, with a positive or negative reply, once a reciprocal link verified, you will be notified with a backlink atClassified Herbal Links!

 Link Policy(s):

 Tips Policy 0: The Google Page Rank of our official website is upward day by day, and the PR Quality test result is "Very Strong", link exchange with quality site good for both of us, acceptable link exchange on Page of Classified Links for a website with topics health, nutrition, herbs, natural supplement, herb photo site related search engines, directory, herb database site, webpages and related sites.Check Page Rank

 Tips Policy 1: In general a linked domain should be clean and No live virus or dead virus, No harmful scripts and good credit. The minimal requirement is that the linked domain should pass the test of Advisory by McAfee, Norton Safe Web, Google safe browsing, and verification result should be "safe" or "not currently listed as suspicious".

 Tips Policy 2: The linked domain should Not share same IP address with a spammer origin, and should Not share same IP address with a virus origin;

 Tips Policy 3: The linked domain should Not have any Alive Virus URL or any Dead Virus URL; these virus may hurt visitors computers or other machines when on their sites.

 Links Exchange Tips Policy 4: The linked domain should have proper RDNS and correct SPF settings, should Not have DNS error or problems, which has a basic admin management level.

 Tips Policy 5: The linked domain should have a Real PageRank of Google not less than 1, the link code need to be placed on a page that's used for link exchange of linked domain or web sites, and this page should linked directly from the domain home page.

 Tips Policy 6: The linked domain and its website should be designed properly and better has a scientific background, togethor with the character of visual art effects.

 Tips Policy 7: There is No link exchange available for those domains and links with the content of gambling, or other sites which content and business are harmful to the public.

 Tips Superiority Policy 8: The linked domain which web designed under W3C latest standard will have some superiority for the link exchange.

 Tips Superiority Policy 9: The linked domain which support application-specific implementation the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPS),and run on TLS(Transport Layer Security) 1.2 version,which means encryption based secure connections will have some superiority for the link exchange.

 Tips Superiority Policy 10: The linked domain which designed with good quality content will have some superiority for the link exchange.

 Suggested Link Styles for Reciprocal Link building available following, for the convenience to make a reciprocal link:

Link Style 1:Text link code.

 Links Exchange (Text link code options available:as full text or brief for edit link.)

 This link style will look like:MDidea Extracts Professional


Link Style 2:Logo-text button link code.

 Links Exchange (Logo-text button link code options available:as Text button combination or only button at variable size for link.)

 This link style will look like:MDidea Brand Logos


Link Style 3:Mini logo-text button link code.

 Links Exchange (Mini logo-text button link code options available:add the full text button or only button at variable size for link.)

 This link style will look like:MDidea Brand Logo


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