Asia Area Logistic Scope!

World Map Icon Asia Area Logistic Scope:Asia,the world’s largest and most populous continent covers around 30% of the earth’s total land area. It covers 44,579,000 sq km. As per the recent estimate the population of Asia comes around 3.88 billion which is 60% of the world’s human population!Our Logistics can be arrange to major Asian continent 46 countries!

 1.Asia Area Logistic Map

 2.Asia Area Logistic Scope: 

 The Logistics can be arrange to major Asian continent countries and area which includes Armenia,Azerbaijan,Bhutan,Brunei,Bahrain,Cambodia,China,Georgia,Hongkong,Thailand(Siam),Laos,Lebanon,Myanmar,Nepal,Iran(Persia),Jordan,Philippines(Luzon),Kuwait,Oman,Qatar,Sri Lanka(Ceylon),Saudi Arabia,Siberia,Timor Leste,Yemen,UAE,Singapore(Temasek).

 The Logistics Policy to below area of Asia,normally the consignee buyer or agent need know some TCM(or good relation with Chinese,or believe in Taoism,or Buddhism,or Christian,or Sikhism),including:India(Sindhu),Malaysia(Johore),Pakistan,Afghanistan,Maldives,Azerbaijan,Bangladesh,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan,Turkey,Uzbekistan,etc.

 The Logistics Policy to below area of Asia,can Not be arranged for custom policy of consignee side,including:Indonesia.

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 3.Asia Area Parcel Centers

 The main Asia Area Parcel Centers of logistic cooperation located at main airport of East Asia and South East Asia,known as Shang Hai,Hong Kong,Taipei,Bangalore,Petaling Jaya,Singapore,Pasay City,Bangkok,Phnom Penh,Ho Chi Minh City,they transport parcel and cargo with high efficiency to all different area major land or island of the Asia Area scope,by airline logistics or truck flight logistics for transport between their local express stations and other cooperate stations of signed third party logistics.

 Brief information and map location of the Parcel Centers:[Area Centers are listed not in a ranking order]

Asia Area Parcel Centers
Parcel Center NameAddress and Phone
Asia Parcel CentersParcel Center Map TNT Express Asia Parcel Centers
TNT Express Hong Kong/
Kowloon Bay Depot
 Address:25F SCB Tower Millenium,Kowloon Bay,0 Hong Kong,
Phone:+852 2331 4600
TNT Express Thailand
 Address:1768 Thai Summit Tower,New Petchburi Road,Bangkapi,Huai Khwang,10320 Bangkok,
Phone:+662 257 6555
TNT Express India
Republic of India/Peacock),Mission Road Service Centre Bangalore
 Address:Kalinga Rao Road,Mission Road,No.9/1,Sri Prashanth Complex,560 027 Bangalore,
TNT Express Cambodia
 Address:28 Preah Monibong Boulevard,Phnom Penh,0 Cambodia,
Phone:+855 23 430 266
TNT Express UAE Address:Business Avenue Bldg,Port Saeed Road,0 Deira,Dubai,
Phone:+971 4 295 5519
TNT Express Jordan Address:Amman-Jabal 4th Circle,11180 Amman,
Phone:+962 6 593 1966
TNT Express Kuwait Address:Plot F-18,Kuwait Free Trade Zone,Shuwaikh Port,0 Kuwait,
Phone:+965 461 0888
TNT Express Philippines
 Address:2/F PAIR-PAGS Cargo Center,Ninoy Aquino International Airport,1300 Pasay City,
Phone:+63 2 551 0918
TNT Express Malaysia
 Address:Menara PKNS 17B,Jalan Yong Shook Lin,46050 Petaling Jaya,
Phone:+60 3 7962 3333
TNT Express Singapore
(Pulau Ujong/Temasek
 Address:1 Raffles Place,46-00 One Raffles Place,048616 Singapore,
Phone:+65 6 344 0488

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