Europe Area Logistic Scope!

World Map Icon Europe Area Logistic Scope:Among the seven continents of the world Europe occupies the sixth position in size. It spreads over an area of 9,938,000 sq km which comes around 1% of the earth’s surface area and 6.8% of earth’s land area. It is the third most populous continent of the world!Our Logistics can be arrange to all Europe continent 62 states and areas!

 1.Europe Area Logistic Map

 2.Europe Area Logistic Scope: 

 The Logistics can be arrange to all Europe nation-states and areas,almost more than half of them are members of the EU(European Union,the Europäische Union,or Union Européenne),the EU has 28 members till recently(member before 1993:Austria,France,Germany,Italy,Belgium,Netherlands,Luxembourg,Ireland,Denmark,Poland,Sweden,Portugal,Spain,Finland,Greece;member since 2004:Poland,Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia,Hungary,Czech Republic,Slovakia,Cyprus,Slovenia,Malta,Cyprus;member since 2007:Romania,Bulgaria;member since 2013:Croatia.), 24 kinds of official languages, 5 candidate countries On the road to EU membership(Albania,Montenegro,Serbia,The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,Turkey),3 Potential canditates(Iceland,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Kosovo).

 The Europe area including 55 recognized sovereign states,4 partially recognized sovereign states,2 unrecognized sovereign states and 6 to 8 dependent territories,which includes Andorra,Armenia,Austria,Belarus,Belgium,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Corsica Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Euskal Herria,Finland,France,Georgia,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Italy,Kazakhstan,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Londependence,Luxembourg,Macedonia,Malta,Moldova,Monaco,Montenegro,Netherlands,Northern Ireland,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Paisos Catalans,Romania,Russia,San Marino,Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Ukraine,Vatican city,UK,etc.

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 3.Europe Area Parcel Centers

 The main Europe Area Parcel Centers of logistic cooperation located at main airport of Europe Area,known as Liege,Zaventem,Amsterdam,Rotterdam,Eindhoven,Paris,Garonor Road Hub,Lyon,Lisboa,Madrid,Barcelona,Chrastany,Bratislava,Warszawa,Budapest,Bucharest,Sofia,Ljubljana,Torinese,Markopoulo,Karmelava,Vilnius,Marupe,Tallinn,Hvidovre,Helsingborg,Gothenburg,Kjeller,Umraniye-Istanbul,London,Dublin,they transport parcel and cargo with high efficiency to all different area major land or island of the Europe Area scope,by airline logistics or truck flight logistics for transport between their local express stations and other cooperate stations of signed third party logistics.

 Brief information and map location of the Parcel Centers:[Area Centers are listed not in a ranking order]

Europe Area Parcel Centers Map
Parcel Center NameAddress and Phone
Europe Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Europe Area Parcel Centers
Belgium Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Belgium:They are known majorly as TNT Euro HUB in Liege,TNT Depost at Brussels Hub/Brussel,Vestiging Kortrijk,etc..
TNT Euro HUB in Liege Address:Airport/Flughafen,2B-4020 Liege,
Phone:+32 4 239 50 00,
Fax:+32 4 239 59 99
TNT Vestiging Kortrijk Address:Leenstraat 175,9870 Zulte.
TNT Express Belgium and TNT Depot Brussels Hub/Brussel Address:Mechelsesteenweg 414,1930 Zaventem (Nossegem),
Phone:+32 2 754 2524
/Bedrijvenzone Machelen Cargo Building 711,1830 Machelen,
Phone:+32 70 233 633,
Fax:+32 70 222 122
Netherland(Windmill country,Chanteslerc) Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Netherland:They are known majorly as TNT Depots at Amsterdam,Rotterdam,Benelux,Arnhem Road Hub,Eindhoven.
TNT Express Corporate HQ Amsterdam Address:Taurusavenue 111,2132 LS Hoofddorp,
Phone:+31 88 393 9000
TNT Depot Rotterdam Address:Saffier 2,3316 LN Dordrecht.
TNT Express Benelux Address:Meidoornkade 14,3992 AE Houten,
Phone:+31 30 6 398 398
TNT Arnhem Road Hub / Ide Centre Address:Effect 9(Road Hub)/Express 1(Express),TNT Road Hub Arnhem,6921 RG Duiven,
TNT Eindhoven Address:De Schakel 14,5651 GH Eindhoven,
France Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in France(Fragrance Cheese,Tibert):
 They are known majorly as:
 TNT Depot at Garonor Road Hub,Paris Charles De Gaulle Apt,Strasbourg,Mions-Lyon,Marignane-Marseille,etc.
TNT Depot Garonor Road Hub Address:Bat 25 Garonor Ouest Garonor,93600 Aulnay Sous Bois
TNT Depot Paris Charles De Gaulle Apt Address:14 rue de la Belle Borne,Sogaris,TNT INTERNATIONAL SNC,Paris,95708 Roissy CDG
TNT Strasbourg Les horaires d'ouverture sont en semaine,8:45/19:00 et le samedi 8:45/13:00.Address:Rue des Imprimeurs Z.I. Forlen,67118 Geispolsheim-Gare
TNT Mions-Lyon La plate-forme logistique du Grand Lyon est un point majeur pour la distribution de l'Europe du Sud. Les horaires d'ouverture sont en semaine,7:30/19:30.Ferm? le samedi.Address:6 Boulevard Bernard Vos,Plate-forme logistique du Grand Lyon,69780 Mions
TNT Marignane-Marseille Les horaires d'ouverture sont en semaine,9h00/19h00 et le samedi 09h00/13h00.Address:Route de l'Aviation G?n?rale,A?roport International-BP 132,13729 Marignane
Germany Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Germany(Ysengrin):They are known majorly located at Troisdorf,Hamburg,Wiesbaden,etc.
TNT Express GmbH(Troisdorf) Address:Courier Service,Haberstraße 2,53842 Troisdorf,Germany
TNT EXPRESS(Hamburg) Address:Shipping Service,Amandus-Stubbe-Straße 12,22113 Hamburg,Germany,
Phone:+49 2241 4970
TNT Express GmbH(Wiesbaden) Address:Unterer Zwerchweg 111,65205 Wiesbaden,Germany,
Phone:+49 611 690210
Italy Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Italy(Samuel):They are known majorly as TNT Depot at Trieste,Bolzano,Verona,Milan Intl Hub,Melegnano Hub,Piacenza,Bologna Lame,Ciampino Airport.
TNT Depot Trieste Address:V. Antonio Pigafetta,5,TNT GLOBAL EXPRESS S.P.A.,34147 Trieste (TS)
TNT Depot Bolzano Address:Toni-Ebner-Str./Via Toni Ebner,TNT GLOBAL EXPRESS S.P.A.39100 BOLZANO(BZ),39100 Bolzano
TNT Depot Verona Address:Via Leopoldo Biasi,37135 Verona
TNT Milan Intl Hub The TNT mega hub in Milano was opened in May 2009 and is located directly beside the runway.TNT has invested EUR 12 million in the new facility. Every night a Airbus A300 takes off for the TNT world air hub in Liege (Belgium).Address:Linate Airport
TNT Melegnano Hub orari:dal Luned al Venerd 8:30-12:30/14:00-18:00,Address:Via Autosole,20077 Cerro al Lambro(MI)
TNT Express Italy Address:Corso Lombardia 63,10099 San Mauro Torinese,
Phone:+39 011 222 6111
TNT Depot Piacenza Address:Strada Al Dossi di le Mose,ZONA IND.LE,29100 PIACENZA(PC),
TNT Bologna Lame orari:dal Luned? al Venerd? 8:00-20:30 Sabato: 9:00-12:30,Address:Via Cristoforo Colombo 59,40131 Bologna
TNT Depot Ciampino Airport Address:V.Appia Nuova 1651,N,Ciampino Airport,00043 Ciampino,
Austria Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Austria:They are known majorly located at Bergheim bei Salzburg,Gemeinde Hörbranz,Wörgl.
TNT Express (Austria) GmbH(Salzburg) Address:Aupoint 23,5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg,Austria,
Phone:+43 57 70077
TNT Express (Austria) Gesellschaft mbH Address:Lochauer Str.2,6912 Gemeinde Hörbranz,Austria,
Phone:+43 57 700
TNT Express (Austria) GmbH(Wörgl) Address:Wörgler Boden 3,6300 Wörgl,Austria,
Phone:+43 57 700
Switzerland Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers around Switzerland.
North Europe Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in North Europe Area,Denmark,Finland,Sweden,Norway:They are known majorly located at Hvidovre,Vantaa,Helsingborg,Upplands Vasby,Gothenburg,Kjeller.
TNT Express Danmark Address:Jernholmen 28-32,2650 Hvidovre,
Phone:+45 7010 1110
TNT Express Finland Address:Tullimiehentie 2,01531 Vantaa,
Phone:+358 20 420 420
TNT Depot Helsingborg HUB Address:Strandbadsv?gen 7,251 07 Helsingborg,
Phone:042-402 20 00,
Fax:042-402 20 30
TNT Express Sweden Address:Saturnusv?gen 3,194 43 Upplands Vasby,
Phone:+41 62 837 0000
TNT Express Sweden Address:(G?teborg-Landvetter Airport (GOT))Landvetter,V?stra G?taland County,43812 G?teborg/Gothenburg,
Phone:031-756 48 00,
Fax:031-756 48 90
TNT Express Norway Address:Fetveien 23,2007 Kjeller,
Phone:+47 8 1000 810
East Europe Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in East Europe Area:
 They are known majorly located at Chrastany,Bratislava,Warszawa,
 Budapest,Bucharest,Sofia,Ljubljana,Kharkiv Oblast.
TNT Express Czech Republic Address:Chrastany 206,252 19 Chrastany,
Phone:+420 257 083 848
TNT Express Slovakia Address:Pri Starom Letisku 14,830 06 Bratislava 29,
Phone:+421 0800 100 868
TNT Express Poland Address:Annopol 19,03-236 Warszawa,
Phone:+48 22 771 7171
TNT Express Hungary Address:Ecseri ut 14-16,1097 Budapest,
Phone:+36 1 431 3000
TNT Express Romania Address:Building C-D,Ploiesti Road,Bucharest Business Park,012681 Bucharest,
Phone:+40 21 303 4500
TNT Express Bulgaria Address:35 Nedelcho Bonchev Blvd,1574 Sofia,
Phone:+359 2 9339 100
TNT Express Slovenia Address:Smartinska Cesta 152 Hala,1000 Ljubljana,
Phone:+386 1 587 8300
Express Stations Parcel Centers in UkraineParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Ukraine:They are known majorly located at Kharkiv Oblast,Poltavs'ka oblast,Одеська.
 TNT Kharkov:Шевченко,317 Б,Kharkiv,Kharkiv Oblast,Ukraine,61000,
Phone:+380 57 714 9996
 TNT Express™:Frunze St, 146А,Poltava,Poltavs'ka oblast,Ukraine,36000,
Phone:+380 5326 11332
 TNT Express:Заньковецької вул.19/2О,деса,Одеська,Ukraine,65000,
Phone:+380 48 734 7580
Express Stations Parcel Centers around BelarusParcel Center Map
TNT Express Greece Address:Flemingk Road,Industrial Park of Markopoulo,19003 Markopoulo,
Phone:+30 210 890 5800
Baltic States Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Baltic States Area,Estonia,Lithuania and Lativia:They are known majorly located at Tallinn,Karmelava,Vilnius,Marupe.
TNT Depot Kaunas Address:Pievu 1,0 Karmelava,
Phone:(+370) 800 252 22
TNT Express Lithuania/Litauen Address:Dariaus ir Gireno 44,02189 Vilnius,
Phone:+370 5 239 7555
TNT Express Latvia Address:Plienciema 11,2167 Marupe,
Phone:+371 766 8010
TNT Express Estonia Address:Kesk-Sojamae 10A,11415 Tallinn,
Phone:+372 6271 900
Express Stations Parcel Centers in RussiaParcel Center Map
 Address:Shabolovka St,14,строение 2,Moskva,119049,
Iberian Peninsula Parcel CentersParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Stations Parcel Centers in Spain(Shaphan,Mgr Bell.) and Portugal(Oporto):They are known majorly located at Barcelona,Madrid,Sevilla,Alicante,Lisboa
TNT Express Spain Address:Avda de Bruselas 6,28108 Alcobendas Madrid,
Phone:+34 91 660 60 00
TNT Depot Barcelona Address:C/ Industria, 102 Pol.Ind.Gran V?a Sur Hospitalet de Llobregat,TNT Express Worldwide Spain,S.L.08908 Catalu?a,Barcelona,
Phone:+34 935 656 900
TNT Spain Sevilla Address:Aeropuerto Nacional de San Pablo,41006 Sevilla
TNT Express Alicante Address:S/N Pla de la Vallonga,TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE S.A.,03014 Alicante,
TNT Express Portugal Address:Avenida D. Joao II Lote 1.17-01,1990-084 Lisboa,
Phone:+351 21 854 5000
TNT Express IrelandParcel Center Map Address:Dublin Airport(Corballis Park)D17 Cloghran,Dublin,
Phone:+353 1 8067 888
Express Stations Parcel Centers in Georgia and Armenia,AzerbaijanParcel Center Map
 TNT Express Armenia,144/1 Movses Khorenatsi Street,Yerevan 0018,Armenia,
Phone:+374 10 551618

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