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Ordering Support Ordering Support:Billing FAQs!
 Do not know Pricing Terms,Payment Options?currencies accepted,Invoice and documents related etc?Guideline of Billing FAQs will help you!

Billing FAQs:1.Price offer in general,common available Incoterms,and Price Structure?

Pricing Payment Taxes  Question:What is the general condition of price offer?

 Answer:the price of herbal products are offered in one to three major currency, or in other major currencies which accept by the Supplier/Shipper, the offer are based on timely exchange rate. For special orders cases, a herbal friend should contact us for detailed conditions case by case.

  The price offered is normally stable in a notified valid period. Other cases variable as for various reasons including currency ratio floating, freight varies due to logistic line hot season, etc.

Billing FAQs:1.2.What type of Incoterms available if need some herbs?

 Question:What type of Incoterms available if we need import some herbs?

 Answer:Incoterms available for manufacturer client: CFR(Cost and Freight), DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid).

 Incoterms available for trader client: CFR(Cost and Freight), DDU(Delivered Duty Unpaid), CFRC(CFR+Commission).

Billing FAQs:1.3.What is the final Price Structure, or Price composition at difference Incoterms?

 Question:What is the final price structure, or price composition at difference Incoterms?

 Answer:major price structure and price composition in business are introduced as below cases:

 Tips Under Sale Terms Shipper/Seller Pay Freight:

 Price offered with Prepaid-Freight of international logistics included/covered, by convenient logistic ways(normally Air Express, Economy Air Express, Air Cargo) to the landing port or consignee address which client preferred/appointed/agreed and confirmed with, delivery to port or/to hand at door, with details of specifications and unit notified.

 At CFR(Cost and Freight) terms, Insurance is Not included/covered. The Buyer/Consignee side could buy an Insurance on self-help if necessary,related billing documentation will be provided timely.

 At CFR(Cost and Freight) terms,Import Duties are Not included/covered in offered price. As it normally varies with the different policy of landing port side, the Buyer/Payer/Consignee side has more convenience and more information of the duties rate and policy than the Supplier/Shipper.

 In this condition,the Price will be calculated as:

  Price Offer in Invoice = (1).Unit Price without Freight +(Plus) (2).GDMLicenseExchangeFee +(Plus) (3).Prepaid-Freight of International Transport.

 Tips Under Sale Terms Buyer/Consignee Pay Freight or Pickup:

 Price offered without Prepaid-International Freight conditions,at which case the Client/Buyer/Consignee prefer a Pickup logistics or Freight collection support needed, and it may bring convenience and saving if freight cheaper at buyer/consignee side, and in this condition a guide/instruction available for Client/Buyer/Consignee side for reference to make a direct consult with logistic courier at the landing port side for detailed pickup or freight collection conditions, for instruction guide, Pls check at link page Ordering Support»Logistics FAQs»1.1.Freight Collection Support.

 In Pick Up or Freight Collection cases,Insurance is Not included/covered in offered price. Import Duties are Not included/covered in offered price.

 In this condition,the Price will be calculated as:

  Price Offer in Invoice = (1).Unit Price without Freight +(Plus)  (2).GDMLicenseExchangeFee +(Plus) (3).Local Freight To Logistics Warehouse.

Billing FAQs:1.4.Why there is GDMLicenseExchangeFee?,Why there are Local Freight To Logistics Warehouse in sales condition of Pickup or Freight Collect?

 Question:Why there is GDMLicenseExchangeFee?

 Answer:The GDMLicenseExchangeFee is collected by a third party agency related to making sure the power state products safe on board the plane and accepted by the Airline company, for its detailed regulation introductions, pls check at Other FAQs»LicenseRelated-FAQs»LicenseRelated-FAQs 01.What is DGM?What is DGM Lisence Application Fee?What is DGM Lisence Copy Exchange Fee?.

 Question:Why there are Local Freight To Logistics Warehouse in sales condition of Pickup or Freight Collect?

 Answer:Under Sale Terms Consignee/Buyer Pay Freight or Pickup, the Local Freight To Logistics Warehouse is calculated case by case with detailed Quantity information, we need to consult it with the air courier for an exact and timely condition.

Billing FAQs:2.Taxes and Duties?

Taxes and Duties Question:Is the price offer included/covered import taxes and duties?

 Answer:The price offered Not included/covered Import Duties. As its conditions normally vary with the different policy of landing port side, the Buyer/Payer/Consignee side has more convenience and more information of the duties rate and policy than the Supplier/Shipper. The Buyer/Payer/Consignee side are responsible for self-clear any fees lay on the item when it arrives at the landing port.

 For retail sales parcels, normally You have the convenience to pay the courier delivery agent for the relevant taxes and duties when they deliver your package to the door.For most cases, the courier's policy for small packages is that they pay to customs first when duty charged at the custom port, then they notify this fee and collect from consignee side before/when make the delivery.

 For commercial volume packages, the courier agency could help assist for custom clearance procedure at the landing port, they will contact the Buyer/Payer/Consignee side and perform responsibility to notify the exact tax/duty amount which landing port custom will collected, and wait for clearance guide and duty payment from the Buyer/Payer/Consignee side, then make local delivery once the clearance and inspection finished.

 For more information, please contact your local customs authority or consult with the courier agent, or a professional third party, to understand the import regulation and tax duties requirements of your side.

 For information of VAT,pls check at link page: Other FAQs»SalesRelated-FAQs»SalesRelated-FAQs 01.What is VAT?.

Billing FAQs:3.Payment Method and Options?

Telegraphic Transfer Question: What is the major Payment Method?

 Answer:Available payment method: Bank Wiring/Telegraphic/Swift Transfer, West Union Transfer.

 Payment Method in the test: PayPal is available and in the test for payment process and check out with retail/sample order in a small amount.

 Bank Wiring(1).Bank Wiring(Telegraphic/Swift Transfer): the bank transfer payment is estimated confirmed in 2 to 5 working days which rely on swift agency speed between banks, normally there are some amount extra charges from intermediary bank for their financial service, it payment comes short 0$~5~10~25$ each bill in the past if Payer side Not used a Full-Pay Service at bank side, Normally extra bank charges oversea should be estimated by the Buyer/Payer/Consignee side.

 West Union Transfer(2).West Union Transfer: the West Union is a global leader in money transfer services, enabling people worldwide to send and receive payment fast and reliably through their more than 334,0001 Western Union Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. The advantage of it than bank wire is that normally the West Union has less/cheaper transfer fee than Bank Wire for the same amount, and the West Union has No extra charges from an intermediary bank, the Supplier/Seller/Shipper side receives the same amount the Buyer/Payer/Consignee side send.

Billing FAQs:3.1.Are there any other Payment options available too?

Paypal Question:Are there any other Payment options available too?

 Answer:some other payment ways(like PayPal, Skrill, etc) with low transfer fee will be arranged in the future for retail orders for the convenience, they are still in the test at this moment.

 (1).PayPal: the PayPal payment for check out is in the test, and available for sample orders for check out.

 Paypal Fee: the PayPal agency will collect some Paypal Standard Rate(4.4% + $0.30) as a transfer fee for their financial service(the Paypal rate is declared at the website of Paypal:https://www.paypal.com/c2/webapps/mpp/paypal-seller-fees), which is normally cheaper than bank fees for small amount payment, and PayPal payment amount calculated as, for example:

 For an invoice billed amount $120.00, in the case the payer would like check out and pay it via PayPal, the PayPal agency will collect the payer side $5.58 transfer fee(calculated as:  120  ×  4.4%  +  $0.30  =  5.28  +  0.30  =  5.58), then the total amount including PayPal fee is 120+5.58=$125.58. Which mean the payer side sends amount 125.58, the shipper side will receive the invoice amount 120.00, the PayPal side will receive an amount of 5.58 for their financial service.

 Master CardVISAVisadebitAMEX(2).Credit cards: Credit cards(Master Card, Visa, Visa Debit, America Express etc) payment checkout are Not available yet. We feel sorry credit card check out still not available due to technical support reasons, at present the collection support of credit card from bank side is not available yet.

Billing FAQs:4.What currencies accept at present?

Currency Dollar Currency Yen Question:What kind of currencies are accepted for payment at present?

 Answer:Main Currencies accepted for order payment:  USD(U.S.Dollar),EURO(European Euro),CNY(RMB).

Currency Euro Other major currencies accepted for order payment: DKK(Danish Krone),CAD(Canadian Dollar),AUD/NZD(Australian/New Zealand Dollar),NOK(Norwegian Krone),SEK(Swedish Krona),CHF(Swiss Franc),ZAR(South African Rand),THB,etc.

 Other currencies accept for order payment in the future:


Billing FAQs:5.Are there Any Hidden Fees?

 Question:Are there Any Hidden Fees?

 Answer:There is No any hidden fees. The Supplier/Shipper side will not collect from Buyer/Payer side for other payment except invoice billed amount without your prior consent. We believe that a buyer should know exactly what they pay for.

Billing FAQs:6.Are there Any Third Party Fees?

 Question:Are there Any Third Party Fees?

 Answer:Yes, there is three kinds of third party fees, one is DGMLicense Application/ExchangeFee, another is Remittance Fee, a third is the custom application fee, introduced below:

 (1).DGMLicense Application/ExchangeFee: This is billed by a related third party named DGM Global and its local branch, necessary for powder state product get a safety license guarantee on board air cargo.The detailed introduction available at page link:Other FAQs»LicenseRelated-FAQs»LicenseRelated-FAQs 01.What is DGM?What is DGM Lisence Application Fee?What is DGM Lisence Copy Exchange Fee?.This fee has No Except Case which means each bill will be charged by the agency whatever volume! Yet when the invoice Qty comes in commercial volume or wholesale condition, Supplier/Shipper side can bear it and offer the amount as some discount, in retail cases, it hardly to be discounted.

 (2).Remittance Fee:If buyer/payer side choose to use one of the financial channels(Bank, or the West Union, or PayPal etc) for order payment processing,the financial channels will collect a remittance fee(bank remittance charge,or West union fees,or PayPal fee) for each payment transaction as a pay for related financial service they provided. This is a common fee for any type business transaction which may use a financial agency instead of cash payment.With the WestUnion or Paypal payment, there is normally no intermediary bank charges.

 (3).The local custom application fee: it is normally not counted in the price, due to the understanding difference or comprehend difference between the Supplier/Shipper(normally we understand it as a third party fee related with the local customs) and the Buyer/Payer(normally the clients understand it as a fee from the supplier side), so we try to listed it out as a third party fee too; Or, it could be counted in the unit price if the Buyer/Payer side prefer to.

 As to our understanding in long years business, there are only above 3 kinds of Thirds Party Fees client should care.

Billing FAQs:7.How will buyer/payer receive the invoice,documents?

Recommended Air Mail Question:How will buyer/payer receive the invoice, documents?

 Answer:An invoice for order related will be sent once order payment confirmed. It documents is sent via below ways once payment confirmed, or in the same week once logistics arranged:

 (1).the invoice in EDI(electronic data information) copy will be sent by email for client's convenience instead of the paper print copy if the client/buyer prefer an electronic copy, or if a posted invoice still not received in 45~60 days since the post notification. This is the default method to send the invoice and documents.

 (2).the invoice in the paper copy will be posted by Recommanded Air Mail(Registered Mail) of Local Post to the Invoice Address of buyer/payer(the Billing Address) in the same week logistics arranged, normally this letter mail arrive in 2 to 3 weeks. This is the second invoice sending way, it will be arranged if Payer/Buyer side preferred.

 Recommended Air Mail 2 (3).for those cases the invoice address different than the consignee or warehouse address, the client Payer/Buyer side should notify a correct invoice address(billing address), and it can be either a physical address or a PO.BOX address.

 (4).For the cases a Consignee/Payer/Buyer care more about privacy, according to the Privacy Protection Policy, the Invoice and other related documents will be only sent in EDI(electronic data information) format via email, and in this case we do Not send paper print invoice or paper print documents again!

Billing FAQs:8.Is there any payment plan available?

 Question:Is there any payment plan available?

 Answer:Although we don't offer a plan of financing, it is possible to offer some reasonable discount for order comes in bulk volume. The process will start until the order is paid in full.

 Products especially for those type need freshly processed against orders are not entered into manufacturing until they are paid in full because each one is made to the order.

Billing FAQs:9.Price offer at Incoterms CFRC(CFR+Commission)

 Question:How about the price offer at Incoterms CFRC(CFR+Commission)?

 Answer:Under Sale Terms Shipper/Seller Pay Freight, Middleman introduced contract supplying: in such kind of 3 parties related contract agreement, we accept and support incoterms CFRC(CFR+Commission), Price offered normally with Prepaid-Freight international logistics included, by convenient logistic ways(normally air courier express, air cargo used) to the landing port or consignee address which the Middleman/Payer side appointed, delivery to port or/to door, with details of specifications and unit notified. Insurance mentioned with exceptions, Import Duties not covered normally as it varies a lot with the different policy of arriving port side. Commission % with consensus agreement will be listed in Invoice amount as a separate item if preferred, or could either be calculated in final price if preferred.

 Under This condition,the Price will be calculated as:

  Final Price in Payment = (1).Unit Price without Freight +(Plus) (2).GDMLicenseExchangeFee +(Plus) (3).Prepaid-Freight of International Transport +(Plus) (4).Commission % which Middleman prefered.

  Under Sales terms CFRC, Supplier/Shipper side fulfill contract obligation as same as under incoterms CFR or DDU, and arrange product logistics to consignee address appointed and agreed by Middleman/Payer, the consignee should be the same as payer or an appointed party agreed by Middleman/Payer.Supplier/Shipper side also fulfill contract obligation and arrange Commission % paid back to Middleman side once contract performed, or according to related contract agreement details.

  Under Sales terms CFRC, in such kind of 3 parties related contract, Supplier/Shipper show respect to efforts of Middleman for related cooperation, and will Not contact Payer/Consignee side on own initiative directly, except a necessary direct help really needed and requested by Middleman/Payer/Consignee on their own initiative.

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