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 Need to know Packing Conditions of Products,Repacking and Repacking Fees,Storage of Forward Delivery?Consolidation and storage?Guideline of Storage Repacking FAQs will help you!

Packing Conditions of Products

Packing Conditions The products packing for retails and commercial quantity are properly arranged for long distance shipment and resistible for variable surrounding conditions during shipment, they are always arranged very strong and resistible for client interest care and guarantee fine delivery conditions!Packing Parameters

 For the detailed introduction about Packing Conditions, click page link Packing Conditions Introduction for more!

Storage Repacking:1.Repacking and Repacking Fees?

Repacking and Repacking Fees Question:Is there any repacking fees?

 Answer:There is No any extra repacking fees for any cargo order, package order or retail order.

 If your package is suitable for repacking, our processing team reviews all packages at time of receipt to determine re-packing option on the best effort basis.

 Question:When is re-packing not practical?

 Answer:The re-packing is not practical at 2 cases:1.When the difference of the actual weight and the volumetric weight is not significant.

 2.The bulky packaging is required to protect your purchase during shipping.

Storage Repacking:2.Storage of Forward Delivery?

Forward Delivery Question:How about the availability of Storage of Forward Delivery?

 Answer:For any forward delivery request from Buyer/Consignee, if the delivery date is in 2 months around, we do not charge any storage fees before logistic arranged.

 For any forward delivery request from Buyer/Consignee, if the delivery date is over 2 months around, we do charge some storage fees before logistic arranged.

Storage Repacking:3.Consolidation and storage?

Consolidation and storage Question:How about consolidation and storage?

 Answer:You can consolidate several orders and ship them together. This saves you money on the cost of the base charge and freight. You can request store packages without charge for 14-60 days. After this time we charge $1USD a day per package which weight is not over 25.00 kgs.

 Important tip: You may be liable to import taxes if you consolidate your orders. Many countries limit the amount you can import for personal consumption. So, if the total value of your goods in one shipment is above the legal level you will have to pay extra taxes. To check what your limit, better visit the web site of customs and excise authority at your side.

 For orders come in consolidation, logistics normally arranged combined together in one delivery, or arranged in other type delivery combinations to/for client's prefer convenience.

 For orders come in consolidation, there is also No Any Repacking Fees for whatever packaged covered.

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