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 Need to know International Logistics,Shipping Conditions and Logistic Scope?Guideline of Logistics FAQs will help you!

Logistics FAQs:1.International Logistics Basic Introduction.

International Orders TipsTimely Delivery:  Four-To-Six working-day delivery speed for international logistics to all major business centers and cities around the world.

 TipsLogistics Available:  The herbal products are arranged by various type air logistic ways according to economic principles or urgency principles,customs-clearance notification available from courier side.Available Air Logistic Ways are introduced:

Air Express from Door To Door smallsub (1).Airfreight Express To Door. : the Air Express to Door logistic service available for all order type including (A).retail order quantity package gross weight below(less than/not over than) 20kgs and (B).whole sale order volume over 20kgs and below 500kgs.Average unit freight higher yet courier side promised a faster speed.Normally it suggested for logistics of retail orders.

 The logistic related service includes/covered: Processing, transit, customs clearance assistance(notification and aid to pay duties/taxes, notification other issue custom asked, etc.), and local delivery to hand at the door or warehouse.

Air Express from Door To Door smallsub (2).Airfreight Economy Express To Door. the Air Economy Express logistic service available for order quantity package with Gross Weight over(not less than) 20.00kgs+. Unit Freight cheaper than Air Express, Speed almost the same as Air Express To Door, or slower 1 to 2 days. Average unit freight economic and courier side also promised a fast enough speed.Normally it suggested for logistics of weight over 20kgs or wholesale conditons.

 The logistic related service includes/covered: Processing, transit, customs clearance assistance(notification and aid to pay duties/taxes, notification other issue custom asked, etc.), and local delivery to hand at the door or warehouse.

Air Cargo from Port to Door smallsub (3).Air Cargo from Port to Door. :the Air Cargo to door logistic service available for order quantity weight 40~45kgs+(or Gross Weight 45kgs+) for the area where developed logistics available. Average Unit Freight economics and cheaper than logistics by Air Express or Air Economy Express, courier side also promised a speed, from supplier/shipper side experience with this service its actual logistic speed may nearly the same as(or 1~2 days slower than) Air Economy Express.Normally it suggested for logistics of weight over 45~50kgs or more in wholesale conditions.

 The logistic related service includes/covered: Processing, transit, customs clearance assistance(notification and aid to pay duties/taxes, notification other issue custom asked, etc.), and local delivery to hand at the door or warehouse.

Express Truck System With the logistics service Air Cargo to Door delivery, Air Cargo Agent will offer a payable service to help Client/Consignee process custom clearance when products arrive at nearby air landing port,once the custom clearance and inspection finished, the courier will arrange proper local logistics(normally via local Air Line, or by Truck Flight at some area where Truck Flight system high developed, or other proper types local logistic system), and make delivery to door at the address of consignee.

Air Cargo from Port to Port smallsub (4).Air Cargo from Port to Port. : the Air Cargo to Port logistic service available for order Volume 50~100kgs+ or more. Average Unit Freight the lowest by air, Speed nearly same as Air Cargo to Door. Logistic Service includes: Processing, transit to the destined landing airport, notify consignee side for self-clearance and pickup.

 With the logistics service Air Cargo from Port to Port: Client/Consignee side need do customs clearance themselves(or find a clearance agent) and self-help to pick up it at the nearest airport once goods arrived and the the AWB(Air Way Bill), Invoice etc etc noticed.

Logistics FAQs:1.1.Freight Collection Support.

  Under Sale Terms Consignee/Buyer Pay Freight, suppler/shipper side support either Freight To Collection(FTC) with Guaranteed Account or Freight Prepaid to Courier for Pick Up for the convenience of consignee side, brief introduction guide available below for reference:

 TipsLogistics FAQs:1.1.01.Freight To Collection(FTC) Support with Guaranteed Account:

  Freight collecting processable for sample below 1~15kgs for the convenience of client side, for such cases, consignee/buyer side should have and provide supplier/shipper side the "Guaranteed Freight Collect Account Number"(different than and Not a "cash account") with TNT AIRWAYS S.A.(TNT Courier), to which account the air freight will billed. The Freight To Collection(FTC) service, may also share other names,such as:"Freight Collect on Delivery",or "Freight Collect Account Number",etc.

 Account Validation: Whether the "Guaranteed Freight Collect Account Number" consignee/buyer side provided is acceptable or not, supplier/shipper side need send it to TNT courier for verification, consignee should give the details of (a)."Guaranteed Freight Collect Account Number" and (b)."Account Name" accordingly, together for supplier/shipper side to verify it.

 TipsLogistics FAQs:1.1.02.Freight Prepaid to Courier for Pick Up:

 If consignee/buyer do not have a "Guaranteed Freight Collect Account Number", supplier/shipper side support pick up logistics for 1~15kgs for some sample Qty. At this case, consignee/buyer need contact TNT AIRWAYS S.A.(TNT Courier) at landing port side to launch a pickup request and pay international freight to the courier.

 Whether Tnt Courier branch at consignee side has this PickUp logistics service available or not, supplier/shipper side are very not sure, consignee/buyer may consult with their courier branches at landing port side.

 Weight confirm: the Weight(Net Weight, Gross Weight, Chargeable Weight) for freight calculation at this condition, consignee side should get the exact/or an estimated weight number from supplier/shipper side.

Logistics FAQs:2.International Shipping Conditions in Ganeral and Logistic Scope.

International Orders All International shipments offered prices do not include customs fees, taxes or duties at landing port/import side. Client/Consignee may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which will be collected by the port custom once the billed products arrived at landing port of consignee/buyer side.Supplier/shipper side have no control over those fees and cannot predict what amount it may be, and Client/Consignee themselves better make sure the allowance to import these products from oversea.

 In the case, the package(s) is returned to supplier/shipper because of an address error offered by Client/Consignee side, or the items ordered are not allowed into the country by customs,Client/Consignee side will be responsible for the shipping cost billed to supplier/shipper for the return of the package.

 In the case, the package is stopped by customs because billed items ordered are not allowed/or forbidden in the landing port country(or area), and the package is abandoned by uncontrollable local risks, there will be no responsibility from supplier/shipper side available for such case.

 International Orders Shipping Terms and Conditions Customs port policies vary widely from country to area, Supplier/shipper suggest our Client/Consignee better contact some local import agent or courier for information of the related business. If an item or items are returned to supplier/shipper due to non-compliance issues with Client/Consignee side laws and regulations, a refund will be issued for the product only,and refund will not available for other charges happened(such as custom quarantine fees, shipping freight, warehousing fees assessed by the customs at Client/Consignee side country or area).

 For Controversy: if Client/Consignee are totally unsatisfied of its arriving conditions, supplier/shipper side will try discussing and investigation with patience until conditions and responsibility clear, then find a proper settlement until both satisfied, for a long term cooperation.

Logistics FAQs:2.1.Countries and Area in Logistics Scope:in Table List Description.

First Letter Nation State or Area
A Andorra,Angora,Angola,Algeria,Afghanistan,
Albania, Andorra,Armenia,Antigua and Barbuda,Ambon,Atjeh,Arpitania;
B Bahamas,Barbados,Belgium,Benin,Bengal(Bangladesh),Belize,
Bhutan,Bolivia,Botswana,Brazil,Bahrain(Bahrein islands),
British Virgin Islands,Brunei,Bulgaria,Burma,Burundi,Belarus,
Bosnia and Herzegovina,Burkina Faso;
C Cameroon,Camada,Cape Verde,
Central African Republic,Chad,Channel Islands,Chile,China,
Colombia,Comoros,Congo,Costa Rica,Côte d'Ivoire,
Croatia,Cuba,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Paisos Catalans,Corsica Republic,Cambodia.
D Denmark,Djibouti,Dominica,Dominican Republic,
Democratic Republic of the Congo,Djibouti;
E Egypt,Ecuador,Estonia,El Salvador,Ethiopia,Eritrea,
Equatorial Guinea,Euskal Herria,England;
F Finland,Fiji,France;
G Gabon,Galiza,Gambia,Germany,Georgia,Greece,Grenada,Guam,
H HongKong,Haiti,Honduras,Hungary,Hawaii;
I Italy,Ireland-Republic Of,Iceland,Republic Of Iraq,Israel,Iran,Sindhu.
J Jamaica,Jordan,Jugoslavia;
K Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan,Kenya,Kuwait;
L Laos,Latvia,Lebanon,Lesotho,Liberia,Libya,Liechtenstein,
M Macau,Macedonia,Madagascar,Malaysia,Myanmar,Malawi,Mali,Malta,
Mauritania,Martinique,Monaco,Moldova,Malta,Maldives-Republic of,
N Namibia,Nepal,Netherlands,Netherlands Antilles,
Nicaragua,Niger,Nigeria,Northern Ireland,
Norway,New Zealand;
O Oman,Other Areas Not Listed;
P Pakistan,the State of Palestine,Papua New Guinea,Paraguay,Peru,Poland,
Q Qatar,Quebec Republic(Nouvelle-France);
R Roumania,Republic of the Congo,Rwanda;
S San Marino,Saipan,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Lucia,
Saint Vincent and Grenadines,São Tome and Príncipe,Saudi Arabia,
Scotland,Serbia,Senegal,Seychelles,Siberia,Sikkim,Singapore,Sierra Leone,
Slovakia,Slovenia,Solomon Islands,Somalia,Spain,Sri Lanka,
Sweden,Switzerland,South Africa,South Sudan,Suriname,Swaziland,Syria;
T Tanzania,Tajikistan,Timor Leste(Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste),Thailand,Tonga Islands,
Trinidad and Tobago,Togo,Turkmenistan,Tunisia;
U U.S.A,Uganda,Ukraine,Uruguay,United Arab Emirates(UAE),
V Vatican,Venezuela,Vietnam;
W Wales,West Irian Jaya;
Y Yemen;
Z Zaire,Zambia,Zimbabwe;
Countries and Area in Logistics Scope:in Continent.
Continent Nation State or Area
Asia Armenia,Azerbaijan,Bhutan,Brunei,Bahrain,Cambodia,
Singapore,Oman,Qatar,Sri Lanka,Saudi Arabia,
Siberia,Timor Leste,Yemen,UAE.Afghanistan,
North America U.S.A.,Antigua and Barbuda,Bahamas,Barbados
,Belize,Costa Rica,Cuba,Camada,Dominica,
Dominican Republic,El Salvador,Grenada,
Greenland,Trinidad and Tobago,Guatemala,Haiti,
Quebec Republic,Republic of Lakotah,
Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Lucia,
Saint Vincent and Grenadines,Saskatchewan,
Bermuda,Montserrat,Turks and Caicos Islands,etc.
Europe Andorra,Armenia,Austria,Belarus,Belgium,
Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Cyprus,
Czech,Denmark,Euskal Herria,Finland,France,
Netherlands,Northern Ireland,Norway,Poland,
Paisos Catalans,Romania,Russia,San Marino,Serbia,
Vatican city,Spain,Portugal,Greece,Estonia,
Oceania Australia, New Zealand,Papua New Guinea,etc.
South America Argentina,Paraguay,Peru,Uruguay, Bolivia,Brazil,Chile,Colombia,
Ecuador and Venezuela,Surinam,etc.
Central America Antigua and Barbuda,Bahamas,Barbados,Belize,
Costa Rica,Cuba,Dominica,Dominican Republic,
El Salvador,Grenada,Trinidad and Tobago,Guatemala,
Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Lucia,
Saint Vincent and Grenadines,etc.
Middle East Iran,Syria,Bahrain,Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Lebanon,Kyrgyzstan,
Africa Equatorial Guinea,Cape Verde,São Tome and Príncipe,
Republic of the Congo,Liberia,Lesotho,Lesotho,Seychelles,
South Sudan/Angola,Botswana,Burundi,Central African Republic,
Democratic Republic of the Congo,Cote d'Ivoire,
Rwanda,South Africa,Swaziland,Tanzania,Togo,Zimbabwe,
Zambia,Uganda,Guinea-Bissau,Sierra Leone,Chad,
Tunisia,Libya,Egypt,Sudan,Morocco,Burkina Faso,
West Sahara,Algeria,etc.

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