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Ordering Support Ordering Support:Miscellaneous FAQs!
 Need to know Special Products Processing,For cases Buyer/Payer is different than Consignee,and some other questions unclassified?Guideline of Miscellaneous FAQs will help you!

Miscellaneous FAQs:1.Special Products Processing?

 Question:Are the Special Products Processing support available?

 Answer:For special extract processing clients looking for, which maybe not in our line at present, we will make you noticed if raw herbs available and proper applicable forms processable.

Miscellaneous FAQs:2.For cases Buyer/Payer is different than Consignee?

 Question:For cases Buyer/Payer is different than Consignee?

 Answer:Sometimes we have Clients who need some products, but the Receiver/Consignee of the products is not same as Buyer/Payer, also the shipping address is different than Buyer/Payer's address.

 For this kind of order process, it is Possible and Acceptable,and Buyer/Payer should give us detailed delivery information of Consignee(including delivery address, daytime phone, consignee name) for order process and logistics arrangement, togethor we need a confirmation letter from the Buyer/Payer that the privacy of consignee/receiver is shared to us by the buyer/payer.

 For this kind of delivery, Buyer/Payer should make sure the delivery contact is completely right and effective for a delivery, and make sure the consignee part can be contacted if clearance cooperation needed or if some simple information carrier needed once the goods approach the related area.

 With permission and consensus in agreement, the order confirmation and followed logistic information will be send to Buyer/Payer, or also be sent to Receiver/Consignee part for attention if this type notification requested by Buyer/Payer.

Miscellaneous FAQs:3.What other trade style available except ordinary trade?

 herbs is coming Question:What other trade style available except ordinary trade?

 Answer:Except the ordinary trade, sometimes we accept some old fashioned trade way instead of money-product exchange, such like Barter trade.

 But the trade target only limited to certain herb powder or herbs or related products, as sometimes we need import certain raw herb material or herb powder or extract which growing at other areas of the world,and once chances coming, we can have such a business with those partners who supply certain herbs and also need some products from us.
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