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Lean Body Mass Calculator Lean Body Weight refers to the sum of the weight of your bones, muscles and organs. basically the sum of everything other than fat in your body.

 This calculator provides the lean body weight of an individual, thereby making it easy to find out the fat mass present in the body.

Lean Body Mass Calculator



 ♣ The Lean Body Mass (LBM):The Lean Body Mass (LBM) is a part of the body. It is normally defined to be the body weight minus the body fat. Typically lean body mass is 60-90% of the total body mass. Normally, men have higher port of lean body mass than women. Some anaesthetic agents dosage, especially water-soluble drugs, are routinely based on the lean body mass value. Many formulas have been developed in the past for the estimation of the lean body mass. The following are some of them. This calculator gives out result for all the fitting formulas.

 Lean Body Mass ♣ Formula:Lean Body Weight (men) = (1.10 x Weight(kg)) - 128 x ( Weight^2/(100 x Height(m))^2)

  Lean Body Weight (women) = (1.07 x Weight(kg)) - 148 x ( Weight^2/(100 x Height(m))^2)

  ♣ Lean Body Mass Formula for Adults:

  ♣ The Boer Formula:
  Men: eLBM = 0.407weight(kg) + 0.267height(cm) - 19.2
  Women: eLBM = 0.252weight(kg) + 0.473height(cm) - 48.3
  Boer P. "Estimated lean body mass as an index for normalization of body fluid volumes in man." Am J Physiol 1984; 247: F632-5

  ♣ The James Formula:
  Men: eLBM = 1.1weight(kg) - 128(weight(kg)/height(cm))2
  Women: eLBM = 1.07weight(kg) - 148(weight(kg)/height(cm))2
  Absalom AR, Mani V, DeSmet T,et al. "Pharmacokinetic models for propofol-defining and illuminating the devil in the detail." Br J Anaesth 2009; 103:26-37

  ♣ The Hume Formula:
  Men: eLBM = 0.32810weight(kg) + 0.33929height(cm) - 29.5336
  Women: eLBM = 0.29569weight(kg) + 0.41813height(cm) - 43.2933
  Hume, R "Prediction of lean body mass from height and weight.". J Clin Pathol. 1966 Jul; 19(4):389-91.

  ♣ Lean Body Mass Formula for Children:

  ♣ The Peters Formula:
  The author suggested that this formula fit for children of 13-14 years old or younger.
  eECV = 0.0215weight(kg)0.6469height(cm)0.7236
  eLBM = 3.8eECV
  A. M. Peters, H. L. R. Snelling, D. M. Glass, N. J. Bird "Estimation of lean body mass in children". British Journal of Anaesthesia1 06(5): 719-23 (2011).

  ♣ Difference between the Lean Body Mass vs. Muscle Mass:Lean Body Mass (also sometimes known as simply “lean mass,” likely the source of the word “lean muscle”) is the total weight of your body minus all the weight due to your fat mass. It includes the weight of all your organs, your skin, your bones, your body water, and your muscles.

  Lean Body Mass Unlike lean muscle, Lean Body Mass uses the word “lean” correctly as it describes the entire weight of your body without the weight due to fat. This is why it is also referred to in some circles as “Fat-Free Mass.”

  Because your Lean Body Mass is made up of so many parts, any change in the weight of any of these can be recorded as changes in Lean Body Mass. However, the weight of your organs isn’t going to change much, and although your bone density can change over time, it isn’t going to affect the weight of your Lean Body Mass too significantly. What can significantly influence your Lean Body Mass is the second type of mass in question: muscle mass.

  When people talk about gaining muscle or building their “muscle mass”, what they’re really talking about is gaining or building their Skeletal Muscle Mass. This is because of the three major muscle types – cardiac, smooth, and skeletal – skeletal muscle mass is the only type of muscle that you can actively grow and develop through proper exercise and nutrition.

  Lean Body Mass Skeletal Muscle Mass is indeed a different type of mass from your Lean Body Mass. However, Skeletal Muscle Mass is related to Lean Body Mass because it is one of the parts that make up your overall Lean Body Mass. This is why some people get confused.

  Skeletal Muscle Mass is part of your Lean Body Mass, but your Lean Body Mass can be influenced by other factors outside of muscle, most notably, water. And because water is a major influencer of changes in Lean Body Mass, this poses a problem when people talk about increases in Lean Body Mass, sometimes referred to as “lean gains.”

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