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After Sale Service After Sale Service is a components of our products,we always trying to make the goods more suitable for applications of buyers!
 We have been providing our Clients a proper service for the products supplied and always ready to settle problems with products related.

1.Satisfaction Guarantee:

Satisfaction Guarantee The quality of service also shares the intellectual property rights of us as a manufacturer supplier.

 All the products are tested and guarantee its quality in its normal valid effective period.

 All the products in logistics, we make sure arrange packing as standard and strong as possible, with correct kinds, specifications, unit and normally got recheck and identifications before shipping.

 We sincerely hope our products arrives in fine conditions, easy to store and applicable for our customers, gratifications are the best return for us from our buyers.

2.Standard Customer Support:

Star Customer Support Delivery: Timely and notify update via email or fax.Service is the prompt delivery of the product.Timely Support for orders tracking, rash, variable conditions.

 After Sale Service: Arrive conditions investigation, we deal with customer complaint with reasonable details in 1 to 3 days.We use service manual modified to meet customer's needs.

 After Sale Service Scope: anything related to the identification of Contract Performance, including product quality, related volume, delivery conditions, possible shipment damage if happened, technical support etc.

3.Client Complaint:

Client Complaint Customers are responsible of complaining to us with a declaration in detailed descriptive reasons which brings unsatisfying sensations.

 To request an after sale service such like technical support, or have some complaint about products and service related, You may feel free try submit an Email or Fax with the content of your complaint as detail as possible, thus we can understand your complaint clearly and find an exact settlement to help!

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     Definition of a Complaint - "Any expression of dissatisfaction, however made, which alleges failure on the part of the supplier to perform a function or provide a service, for which it has responsibility and that is in line with supplier policies and procedures."

     Question:What happens to my Complaint?

     Answer:We will try seek a settlement acceptable to both of us, with sincerity and patience until client feel satisfied, whatever the settlement we try, it based on the rule of mutual benefit and long lasting cooperations.

     We do provide a response to any incident. You will be advised within 1 to 3 working days of receipt of the complaint and its progress.If further investigation is required you will be kept informed of progress.All incidents are treated as confidential unless previoulsy agreed.

4.Exceptions and Controversy:

Exceptions and Controversy We can not handle complaint without details.For controversy, although it is not an easy problem for both sides, will discuss until we achieve some consensus of the standard for quality and quantity problems, and other related.

 We always hold intensity to help our customer friends, but for some applications of final product are out of our knowing scope as a herbal extract material manufacturer, for these cases we can make our advice which already sure,but that does not mean our advice can be always right, customers are totally responsible themselves for a user side decision-making for the technology or method they are ready to deal with these materials.

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