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LicenseRelated-FAQs 01.What is DGM?What is DGM Lisence Application Fee?What is DGM Lisence Copy Exchange Fee?

 DGM Mark Question:What is DGM?

 Answer:DGM is the abbreviation of the DGM global network,the DGM agency specializes in Classification,Marking and Labeling,Hazardous Materials Packing/Drumming and Re-Drumming,Issuance of the Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods,Comprehensive Insurance cover which assumes all relevant and legal liability.

 DGM labelspla cards The DGM Local Branch(it has an official website:https://www.dgmchina.com.cn/en/.) performs dangerous goods in air transportation analysis responsibility and issue safety license for these products in powder state, although the herb products are Not classified under category of dangerous goods, majorly for the physical states are powder, almost all the products in powder state are under air shipment regulations for risks control.

 Question:What is DGM Lisence Application Fee?What is DGM Lisence Copy Exchange Fee?

 Answer:The present policy of DGM license Application is One License Copy application for one product under One Exact Name,valid period starts from the license issue date till the end of the same year,the "DGM Application Fee" is around $75.00/copy or €68.00/copy yearly, valid since license issue date till end of the same year.

 The DGM Airport Agency collect a third party fee named "License-Copy Exchange Fee" for whatever quantity each bill at Airport after the official original copy issued for products which bear the same Product Name.

 Details of these fees from the relevant third party DGM agency are listed at below table:

DGM Lisence Application Fee and Copy Exchange Fee
DGM Application Fee:$75.00/copy,€68.00/copy
DGM Copy-Exchange-Fee:$12.50/bill,€11.50/bill
∗Notes:the DGM-Fee is updated refer to latest currency rate every 3/6(three to six) months[Latest update date:2017-07-03]

 To bring herb friends client more conveniences,we applied a general DGM-license for the products at the beginning of every license year,this bring document convenience for most type orders of wholesale or retail which contains various kinds of herb products and accordingly bear different names and specifications, result reduced DGM Application fee, related products will be billed and shipped under a general invoice name.Which means for most herb product orders in sales, there is only a "DGM Copy-Exchange-Fee" are billed and collected as a third party fee, and clients side No need to pay that amount DGM Application Fee. And at cases herb products orders with bigger or wholesale volume, this "DGM Copy-Exchange-Fee" could also be offered some deduction amount or free of charge as some discount.The DGM Copy-Exchange-Fee discount conditions are listed at below table:
DGM Copy-Exchange-Fee and Discount
DGM Copy-Exchange-Fee Discount:Qty of Retail/WholeSale(in kgs)
∗Notes:the DGM-Fee is updated refer to latest currency rate every 3/6(three to six) months[Latest update date:2017-07-03]

 DGM Mark For those cases at which a Specific Shipping Name requested Strongly by a client for import convenience, and buyer side would like to bear those extra application fees for it, convenience is provided to help apply a related license of specific products accordingly, and the schedule of new application normally need 3 to 5 working days.

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