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OnlineDisplayRelated-FAQs 01.What about the difference and consistency between actual color of products and product photo in display online?

 color difference Question:What about the difference and consistency between actual color of products and product photo in display online?

 Answer:The photo picture of related products are taken from the batches of products which ever manufactured by our factory, the actual color you see from website photo may have some slight differences from the actual color of products, the reason for the colour difference we understand may comes from various factors such as: slight overexposure photo taken, photographer setting difference and factors like f-number, ISO value, EV value, and the photo also affected by other factors surrounding light factors, surrounding shade factors, surrounding color temperature, camera resolution, photo editing effects such like gentleness,color mode of the computer or other client-side viewer.

 The photo picture can represent an image or figure of the product sample itself at that time when the photo was taken, as the actual color of the products may be related to various factors: such like some little change during normal storage after several months or just the moment the extract processed out, slight processing conditions difference between different batches, raw herb material etc, together with above-mentioned factors from cameras, there are some minor differences of the products colors in different batches or different storage period.

 Camera Effects Differences There is an introduction of the camera effect and differences in details, available at link page:Introduction of Camera Effects and Differences of Displayed Products!.

 We are trying to upgrade online photo taken equipment, and try best to let the photo in the display as close as to the product batches itself, to provide convenience for clients and herbal fans online exploring some basic appearance conditions.

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