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Other FAQs Some other Frequently Asked Questions which not directly related with order procedure are listed in the category Other FAQs,such like customer side questions,product related questions,packing related questions,license related questions,presales related questions,online product display related questions,website related questions,etc.They are frequently asked and the Other FAQs category may help you know answers easily!

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ProductRelated-FAQs 01.Where can i get a quick list of products?

  Question:Where can i get a quick list of products?

 Catalogue Answer:We provide an updated list of our products as according to different common accepted classification system,and update it regularly according to production line and manufacturing schedules.For a brief product catalogue,you may either easily click from the online Spectrum center or click check view at Catalogue page and download the catalogue documents for downline view,or simply click and view by categories in pages following the list from left page menu bar.

ProductRelated-FAQs 02.Is there any liquid or saps available?

 liquid or saps Question:Is there any liquid or saps available?

 Answer:The most convenient form for our products being shipped to anywhere by air is solid state,which means most of our products are powder state which can be packed conveniently from retail bags to drums,and easy for holding and ship in the containers and other vessels which carried by airline.Other forms such like liquid,sap and oil state products are normally not available for logistics.

ProductRelated-FAQs 03.What about grade level of the extracts available?

 custom tariff number Question:What about grade level of the extracts available?

 Answer:Our extract powder can satisfy different client request level from food grade,pharmaceutical grade,cosmetic grade and analytical grade,and for special request,we do process with strict criteria based on our equipment to help settle it.

ProductRelated-FAQs 04.Does root or leaves of herbs available?

 herb flowers raw material Question:Does root or leaves of herbs available?

 Answer:Our product are all plant extract and its derivatived products,we feel sorry do Not manufacture and do Not supply any type of raw root or leaves or seeds or flowers or kernels of herbs or vegetables.

ProductRelated-FAQs 05.What about commercial quantity availability?

 Commercial Quantity Question:What about commercial quantity availability?

 Answer:Most of our natural products are available in stock for commercial quantity,from drums to tons in our factory,some of the products in smaller commercial qty need arrange freshly process against specific order,and normally there is a MOQ for such cases,several products are out of production for material limitation or market demand demarcation,these information are updated regularly with its details at product display page accordingly.

ProductRelated-FAQs 06.What is the HS code(custom tariff number) of these product?

 custom tariff number Question:What is the HS code(custom tariff number) of these product?

 Answer:Most product are classified under category "herb extract and saps or paste,or natural saponins",the current HS code of this category is 13021990,or 29389090.

ProductRelated-FAQs 07.What about the unit of quote?

 Balance Exactness Question:What about the unit of quote?

 Answer:For the quote in Weight unit,we provide for and exchange accordingly:
 1 kilogram =1000 g.=2.205 pounds
 1 m.t.(metric ton) =1000 kg(kilograms)=0.984 l.t.(long ton) =1.1023 Sh.t.(Short ton)
 Unit Exchange Tools are available online:Self Help Tools and Health Tools available for convenience:Weight Unit Converter,Currency Conversion,Capacity and Volume Conversion,Length Conversion,Online Calculator,BMI(Body Mass Index) Calculator etc.

ProductRelated-FAQs 08.What about the price and quality conditions?

 Quality Assuarance Question:What about the price and quality conditions?

 Answer:We do try best to supply market demand with competitive price,the premise is Quality garaunteed,and you get what you pay for. "What You Buy is What You Own!".And we Do Not Manufacture or Supply those garbage material you may ever purchased from small factory.

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