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Packing Conditions The products packing for retails and commercial quantity are properly arranged for long distance shipment and resistible for variable surrounding conditions during shipment, they are always arranged very strong and resistible for client interest care and guarantee fine delivery conditions!
Packing DrumBox Following instructions detailed the packing conditions and materials we used, including the Package Size and Cover Conditions, packing bags, packing carton boxese, packing drums, unit packing style, packing materials etc, strong packings always make sure the goods arrive safely and in fine conditions for our customers.

1.Package Parameters:Size and Cover Conditions.

 Package Parameters Size and Cover Conditions
 Product got packed with strict processing rule in very fine conditions before storage and logistics.

 Cover packing arranged as according to different weight level, and according to different or specific client request, available outer packaging size and setting arrangement are listed briefly as below Package Cover Parameters table:

Package Cover Parameters
1.0~5.0kgs:√ Carrier Cover Bag/√ Carton Box [S-size]
6.0~15.0kgs:√ Carton Box [S-size] [M-size]
16.0~20.0kgs:√ Carton Box [L-size/C,D]
21.0~25.0kgs:√ Carton Box [L-size] √ Carton Drum
30.0~35.0kgs:√ Carton Box [SL-size] √ Carton Drum
250.0kgs~1000kgs+:√ Carton Drum

2.Packing Drums(FibreLok Drum).

 PaperFibreDrum 3
 The drums used are supplied from professional drum factory, standard FibreLok Drum(Leverloc Drum), which designed and made strong for long distance transport, and means No Breakage and No Leakage.PaperFibreDrum 1

 Locking type bottom fitting which made of paper board dish, top edge round strength will be more, no cotton gasket will be used, C type locking system to get better grip and special heavy handle, and they can be placed floor by floor no problem.PaperDrum 1

 Holding volume or quantity of paper drums depend on the bulk density of the powder products, standard packing for normal powder is 25kgs, for other powder with smaller density, packing standard as to 20kgs or 15kgs per drum. Standard Drum Size: I.D.42CM * H.52CM, also other size drums available for bigger and smaller packing weight or volume.

3.Packing Boxes.

 Optional Outer Packing Cover used New Strong Carton Box which comes from A-A grade, made from 5-layer highly intensified corrugated paper, strong and no easy breakage.

 CartonBox StrongStandard size of Carton Boxes variable from Small-S(carton box : 33 x 24 x 33cm), Medium-M(carton box : 30 x 47 x 33cm) to Large-L(carton box : 33 x 47 x 58cm), and SL, which can be used for package packing with weight scope from 5kgs to 20kgs. They are sourced from Carton box manufactures or provided by airline company branch such as TNT or UPS, etc.

Standard Packing Scope of Packing CTB
S-size:1.0~4.0 kgs(2.2~8.8 lbs)
M-size:5.0~12.0 kgs(11.0~26.4 lbs)
L-size/C,D:12.0~25.0 kgs(26.4~55.0 lbs)
SL-size:25.0~35.0 kgs(55.0~77.0 lbs)

 TNT CartonBox A standard packing scope for L size box for our powder products is 15~25kgs per Box, normally we pack no over 20kgs in case 25kgs box will be too heavy and higher risks to break.Standard packing scope for M size box for powder products is 5~12kgs per Box, Standard packing scope for S size box for powder products is 2~4kgs per Box.Standard packing scope for SL size box for powder products is 25~35kgs per Box for the heavy unit package. Yet for powders with small bulk density(for example, the bulk density less than 0.3g/ml), L size Box normally hold 7~10kgs each.

 All carton box got checked and packed up well with machine, normally they are the same good conditions when arrives at our buyer's warehouse or customer's office, occasionally we heard some box got broken a hole from customer complaint, yet normally the goods inside still in fine conditions.

 5 Layers Corrugated Box The Unit Packaging of products prortected by the Packaging cushion(PE), and then protected with the Outer Packaging(Strong Carton Box). The Strong Carton Boxes used are all 5-Layers Corrugated Box, which are strong enough and suitable for the long distance logistics.

4.Cover Bags of Courier.

 CarrierBag The Cover Bags of Courier(Express Bags) are used for Packaging of Retail orders, These kind of outer cover packaging are made of Material HDPE/LDPE, with thickness about 0.6mm(60 micron), such bags are strong enough with high Composite Strength, enough for security holding protection of retail products(N.W.1~5kgs around), it got used for below cases:

 1.It got put on the surface of the UnitPackaging of Pure Alumnium Foil Bag,which brings the minimal outer cover packing material weight and total G.W.,which brings and reduce the extra weight into minimal condition,make sure cut off extra freight rate caused by packaging to minimal.

 Carrier Cover Bags2.It got put on the surface of the small cartoon box or containers to protect all the document and bills from missing or damage. Convenient for consignees to know the clear information.

 3.It got used put on the express paper bag(Envelope) which carry documents our client need urgently,for protection.

5.Packaging Cushion.

 Carton Box Packaging and Packaging Cushion The Packaging Cushion arranged and layered between Unit Packaging and Outer Packaging, to provide added up tight protection of inside Unit Packaging, material used double layer QS certified Food grade cover PE,non-toxic, tasteless and transparent, protect the unit packing in strong proper conditions in drums or cartoon box.

Food Grade Cover PE Parameters
Tensile Strength:mps NLT(≥) 30.
Elongation at Break:NLT(≥) 100%.

Food grade cover PE Packaging Cushion Material Used:Food grade cover PE.
Packaging Cushion Layer Packaging Cushion Layer and Bags
6.Unit Packing Style and Conditions.

 Inside packing for drums we use A+ grade strong PE bags double layer, vacuumed, biodegradable(food-safe, conform to ASTM 5338 European Standards), which can hold 10kgs to 25kgs, such packing are safe when covered with an outer paper drums.AluminumFoilBag1

 Inside cover of the unit package we use double layer QS certified Food grade cover PE, non-toxic, tasteless and transparent, protect the unit packing in strong proper conditions in drums or cartoon box.

6.1.Unit Packing Materials:Parcel Packaging Materials Used.

 Parcel Packaging Material: For Unit Packaging with weight scope 1~10kgs bags, Inside Packaging used A+ Double layer PE bags, or Vacuum Bag; Outside packaging with 0.3mm(doubled,15micron+15 micron) 3-Layer to 4-Layer Pure Aluminium Foil Bag.AluminumFoilBagPacking

 Outside/Cover unit packing used pure aluminum foil bag, strong type, resistance to the static, electromagnetic interference, moisture proof, good function of resistance to the water, oxygen and light.Hold easy for powders below 10kgs and sealed in proper conditions, make sure the packing is still same when arriveing your store.

 More detailed Introduction of Unit Packaging materials introduced as below:

6.1.1.Unit Packing Materials:Eco-Friendly Vacuum Bag.

 The Eco-Friendly Vacuum Bag is used for: inside packaging/fine crystal grade product, common grade products, essence blend, herbal teas.
 Composition material of the vacuum bags:PA(Polyamide)/PE(Polyethylene)

 EcoFriendly PackingGrade Note: super quality grade vacuum bag used for inside packaging of fine crystal grade and common grade products, material pass QS certification and food standard,excellent fine condition,levelling and smooth edge, consistent thickness, high degree of transparency,manufactured and supplied by Environmentally friendly QS certified factory with FDA & LMBG certificate, Complies with European food safety requirement.

 Introduction: the vacuum bag used are made of PA+PE, QS certified, made of new material and fine quality, with characteristics transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, food grade, keep vacuum state extended period than common type vacuum bag, no leakage of air, greatly extended the shelf-life of products stored.The QS qualified vacuum pack bags are commonly used to prolong the freshness of food and meat products.Very good transparency, superb barrier properties against aromas, water vapor, gasses and other external and internal agents, chlorine free.

 Vacuum Bag Main Function of protection:
 1.Prevent drying, the vacuum bags has the property of waterproof, moistureproof, keep the product fresh and stable physical condition.
 2.Cut off air performance is strong, completely separate material from oxygen, prevent oxidation and decrease its effect to the quality of product material.
 3.Inhibit growth of microorganisms, As bacteria and yeast seriously degraded the food quality, their metabolites have negative effects on human consumers, vacuum condition can effectively prevent the contamination of microorganism and dramatically decrease the survival chances of those aerobic microorganisms.
 4.Prevent favor losing, the vacuum bag could effectively prevent the volatile essence content escape.

Food Grade Vacuum Bag Food Grade Vacuum Bag Used.
Food Grade Vacuum Bag Food Grade Vacuum Bag Used.
Food Grade Vacuum Bag Food Grade Vacuum Bag:Thickness and Pile Up.
Food Grade Vacuum Bag Food Grade Vacuum Bag:Surface,Transparent.
6.1.2.Unit Packing Materials:Self Lock QS PE Bag.

 Self Lock QS PE Bag: inside packaging
 Composition material: QS certified strong clear polythene.
 Grade Note: A+ grade strong PE bags double layer,manufactured and supplied by QS certified factory.
 Color: Clear
 Used For: inside packaging/common grade products.

Self Lock QS PE Bag Self Lock QS PE Bag
6.1.3.Unit Packing Materials:Pure Alumnium Foil Bag.

 Cover Unit Packing of products used Pure Aluminum Foil Bag, strong and 3-4 layers thick type.Make sure of the product sealed in proper fine conditions both for logistics and storage, such kind packaging material is the best quality grade we always used and our clients are very satisfied with the good strength and storage convenience.

 Feature:this type packing material is the thickest and has supreme high strength parameters, excellent moisture barrier,and water proof, high oxygen and light barrier, good function of resistance of the water, oxygen, heat and light, keep stable temperature, resistance to the static, electromagnetic interference.

Pure Alumnium Foil Bag Parameters
Composition Material/3-Layers Bag:PET+AL+PE/CPE.Eco-friendly QS certified material.
Composition Material/4-Layers Bag:PET+AL+PA+CPE.Eco-friendly QS certified material.
Thickness:0.12~0.15 mm/12~15 micron
Size Deviation of Thickness:±5%
Water Vapor Permeability:≤0.006g/m·24h(40Deg C.·90%RH)
Oxygen Permeation:≤0.024ml/(m·24h.·0.1mPa)
Composite Strength:>25Newton/15mm
Edge Strength:>35Newton/15mm
Penetration/Puncture Strength:>24 pounds
Extensibility:NLT(≥) 2PCT
Tensile Strength:4.5-6.5kg/mm2
Pinhole:< 50~80UNITS/M2
Heat Sealing Temperature:150℃±10 Deg C.

 Aluminum foil bag packing is applied to our product materials, it has super property of moistureproof, avoid light, fit for vacuum packing. Adopted four layer structure, has the good property for waterproof and oxygen proof.Supplied by a factory which according to the standard of GB and ASTM standard testing, meet the environmental requirements, meet the most strict to packaging materials of environmental protection standard.

 Difference of Pure Aluminum Foil Bag used from those coating film bags:

 The Aluminum Foil Bag we used for cover outside packaging is completely Different Than those cheap Coating Film Aluminum Foil Bags, the differences can be noted as below and show why we used them:

 1.The material layer of the Pure Aluminum Foil Bag used is pure Aluminum, not coating film type.Coating Film Bag we do Not use them

 2.The pure aluminum bag has better property for prevents moisture and keep temperature stability than the coating film bag.

 3.The Pure aluminum bag completely prevents any light penetration, yet coating film bag weak on this.

 4.The Pure aluminum bags has good ductility and consistency than the coating film bag.

Pure Alumnium Foil Bag Pure Alumnium Foil Bag:Cut Surface and Edge
Pure Alumnium Foil Bag Pure Alumnium Foil Bag:Pile Up and Curl Over
Pure Alumnium Foil Bag Pure Alumnium Foil Bag:Surface Conditions
Pure Alumnium Foil Bag Pure Alumnium Foil Bag:Pile Up and Thickness
6.1.4.Unit Packing Materials:One Side Transparent Pure Alumnium Foil Bag.

 One Side Transparent Pure Aluminum Foil Bag: inside packaging
 Composition material: Pure Aluminum Foil, composed of PET/AL/PE.Eco-friendly QS certified material
 Grade Note: A+ double layer, manufactured by QS certified factory.
 Color: One Side Transparent.
 Used For: this type bags used for cover unit packaging of Aromatic Teas, Essence Blend.
 Features: this type packing material one side transparent bag provide some convenience for product content view directly, it also shares those common characters of the pure aluminum foil bags.

Pure Alumnium Foil Bag One Side Transparent Pure Aluminum Foil Bag:One Side Transparent
Pure Alumnium Foil Bag One Side Transparent Pure Aluminum Foil Bag:One Side Transparent
7.Sealing Method and Condition.

 Retail Unit Packing The final products QC and QA identified and sealed by vacuum hot sealing machine before coming to the warehouse or for delivery.

 Any package whatever weight we use such type sealing method to make sure the powder products keep fresh and proper for client's storage requirement and convenience.

 Sealing Way: Vacuum heat sealing with vacuum sealing machines, all our products are strictly processed packaging with this way, No exceptions.

 Sealing Ultimate Vacuum:0.06Mpa(0.06Mpa is the ultimate level the vacuum packaging machine can reach to, for different packing cases related with different bag size etc, the packaging vacuum level may show certain difference than this.)

 Vacuum sealing-treated materials may keep preserved longer than normal heat sealing packaging, this sealing method proved safe and do not brings any change or negative effects on physical state or chemical state/content of those material treated with.

 As one method of raw material preservation, vacuum sealing has become increasingly popular as a method of extending the preservation of products without adversely affecting quality.The Herb Manufacturing and Processing Industry has been using the technique for many years.

vacuum sealing  The vacuum sealing of herb products works by removing air and thereby eliminating the effects of oxidation.Oxidation is the process whereby oxygen creates a chemical reaction that adversely affects freshness, nutritional value, flavor, texture and overall product quality.Basically, air is an enemy of material freshness.The oxygen and moisture in the air cause food to degrade over time. Vacuum sealing cannot reverse the decline or improve the microbiological quality of products but it can radically slow down spoilage and deterioration by helping to control mould, fungi and bacterial growth.By removing all the air from a package with a vacuum food sealer, all of the gasses and their capacity for chemical reactions are removed.

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