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Tracking a Package Guide Not know how to track your package? Not familiar with the tracking interface? Want to know how to track your goods with our advanced tracking system? Below Guidelines give some brief simple guide with graphic instructions to help you know better about Tracking a Package.

Step 1:Click and Enter the link url of tracking page!

 Click the Tracking Button Tracking Button directly from top menu of page,or Enter below link URL of the tracking page directly(url: once you clicked and explore the right www url address, the page will be opened with a title head as below: tracking page url

Step 2:Input Your Package Tracking Number then Click Track!

 Before this step, You must received a Notification of Order Logistics from us, via Email or Fax titled "Shipment Tracking Notification of OD-××-××-×× Package",and You already got the AWB(Air Way Bill) number/Tracking Number of package,or Bill of Lading Number; If you not yet received it or forget it, you may send us an Order Status Check Request via related form, we will resend it to you the first time!

 With your correct tracking number, Pls try to find the tracking form of related Carrier/Logistic Company accordingly, input your tracking number, the form area at our tracking page looks like below:
 tracking form

 Or, If you submit the request directly at AirExpress site, the tracking form area will looks like below(from left to right in order, they are the package tracking interface picture of different carrier: TNT, UPS, DHL, FEDEX),find it at the courier's website, then input your tracking number accordingly:
 trackingformtnt trackingformups trackingformdhl trackingformfedex

 Once you got input your tracking number correctly, try click the button "Track!"Tracking Button, your logistic track record request will be submitted to the Air Express Carrier website's server database,it will feedback a result to you!Normally there is an email option available, you may have convenience forward it to some email address you would like!

Step 3:Tracking Result and Status Record!

 tracking page url Once you input the correct tracking information and submit successfully, the logistic information will be generated as a tracking result web page from the carrier website database, which keeps in accordance with the actual status record of the package the carrier company collected and carried! This is exactly the electronic record information of the related package logistics you are in need of.

 An example picture of a tracking result as right. Then How to read it or understand it? If you know how to understand it, you have No-Necessity to read below explain notes!

 Attached a detailed explain of the logistic procedure original record picture downloaded from express site, it is a Record related to the Tracking Result from A Package we Shipped recently to a County address at USA;
 Records of Tracking A Package Shipped to a County at USA

 This result got explained by a series of graphic segment picture, plus information text description further note explain about the record status, it titled "Explain Notes in Details of a Logistic Records for a Package shipped to a County address at USA" as below!

Explain Notes in Details of a Logistic Records for a Package shipped to a County address at USA

 Below is an explain of a Package we Shipped to a County address at USA, the consignee address is located at a County area very far from Express Warehouse, not a city which near to Express Station, the domestic logics in US really cost some extra days while the package travel between different transport stations.

 Below is the detailed explains, it do more help you for a further understanding of the actual status, processing steps, speed, license, customs clearance, and other logistic procedure of the package, ever since it got collected from the shipping address till it got delivered to the consignee address, as explained below:

 1st-record.At Date: 13:34~16:14,2011-11-25:Package got collected and Arrived at local TNT Warehouse.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "13:34.China.Collecting City.Shipment received at origin depot."  note:At time 13:34 pm, the parcel got collected by local TNT courier.
 "16:05.China.Collecting City.Consignment on-forwarded to next station."  note:the parcel got sent to TNT Carrier's Warehouse Center at bj city-China;
 "16:14.China.Collecting City.Consignment exported."  note:local port customs clearance finished.

 2nd-record.At Date: 02:03~23:25,2011-11-26:Package DGM License Copy Exchange before On Board.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "02:03.China beijing.Consignment miss connection"  note:the parcel missed last plane, will be arranged to fly asap the next airline,before on board,those DGM staff do inspection and make license copy exchange for the related product;
 "23:16.China beijing.Shipment received at origin depot."  note:the parcel is signed/stored at TNT Courier's Warehouse at the Airport of bj city-China, ready to be shipped;
 "23:25.China beijing.Consignment on-forwarded to next station"  note:the parcel is already on board the plane and flying to the port at consignee side since 23:25 pm.

 3rd-record.At Date:14:58~20:16,2011-11-27:Package Arrived at port USLSA Clearance.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "14:58,United States.LOS ANGELES Shiment received at transit point."  note:the parcel already arrived at airport USLSA, finished custom clearance yet, then got sent to signed/stored at the TNT transit point station at LosAngeles.
 "20:16,United States.LOA ANGELES Consignment on-forwarded to next station."  note:the parcel already arranged by LosAngeles TNT Transport Station for domestic delivery.

 4th-record.At Date:19:36~22:28,2011-11-28:Package Arranged to Local Delivery from Express Center.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "19:36,United States.USA OTHERS Out for delivery."  note:the parcel has been arranged in local logistics for to door delivery.
 "22:28,United States.USA OTHERS Consignment received at destination."  note:the parcel arrived and signed at the next local Express Station.

 5th-record.At Date:05:34,2011-11-29:Package in logistics between Express Stations.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "05:34,United States.USA OTHERS.Consignment on-forwarded to next station."  note:the parcel got sent out from last Express Station it arrived in, and is on the way to the Next Express Station.

 6th-record.At Date:19:41,2011-12-01:Package Arrived at a nearby Exress Center.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "19:41,United States.USA OTHERS.Consignment received at destination."  note:the parcel already arrived an Express Station near to the consignee address, ready to be delivered at door the next working day.

 7th-record.At Date:03:40,2011-12-02~02:10,2011-12-03:Package Hold at Express Station for Weekend.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "03:40,United States.USA OTHERS.To be out for delivery."  note:the parcel arrived at the nearby Express Station which responsible for to door delivery at consignee address, it happened Saturday, the Express Staff are not in service at Saturday according to local law.
 "02:10,United States.USA OTHERS.To be out for delivery."  note:it happened Sunday, the Express Staff are not in service at Sunday according to local law.

 8th-record.At Date:13:45,2011-12-05:Package Delivered at Door the Monday Afternoon.
 tracking page url
 Above logistic record information further explained as:
 "13:45.United Stated.USA OTHERS.Consignment delivered in good condition."  note:the parcel finally delivered in good condition at the office of Consignee, at 13:45 pm, Monday.

 9th-record.Other Notes:
 POD Signature:Consignee Signature Protection for Privacy.  note:This means the Signature of who signed and received the Package.

 ♣ Now, You must be very clear how to track your package, and know how to understand the logistics records!!Then back to the Order Tracking Page to track your parcel!

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