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Technology and QC Detailed introduction of factory side Quality management system, quality assurance system, processing flow, and equipment for quality control!
 A certified standard for QC and QA management system is running in factory, guarauntee our products always the finest for our clients and brings gratifications.

1.Quality Management

 Quality Management The quality control department is led directly by general QC manager who is responsible for our quality, strict control procedure guarantees the final product good quality and stable.

 With the most advanced examing instruments,strictly manage each process according to ISO9001 system,from raw material purchase,transport,storage,producing,to packing,sale and aftersale-service.

2.Quality Assurance System and Processing Flow

 Natural phytochemicals and constituents in plants are reserved from raw herb material collection, crushing and extraction to finished product.

 Proven quality management system ensures strict compliance with GMP requirements at each procedure.

 A detailed and complete record is maintained and documented appropriately for each batch of products to ensure steady quality.
Quality Assurance System and Processing Flow Extracts are distributed worldwide Dried product (less than 5% moisture) is finally weighed, vacuum packed and sent to distributors. Thick, viscous product concentrate is pumped under vacuum through a nozzle onto the moving belts in the drier. Product concentrate is mixed with drying additives such as cornstarch and maltodextrin for about 30 minutes at a constant temperature of 50. Plant-based extracts contain oil with high boiling points called oleoresin which need to be removed before drying. Liquid product is heated with 160 Deg C steam for 4s to eliminate all microbial contaminants. Raw material is fed manually into the percolators.  Filtered solvent is heated to desired temperature (up to 95) and pumped through all 4 percolators. Continuous extraction takes place by countercurrent percolation. Solvent is evaporated off in a vacuum at mild temperature. Miscella is concentrated to about 50% TS. Miscella leaving the extraction plant is passed through 100 mesh filter to remove unwanted raw materials. Organic solvent usually ethanol, of varying concentrations (less than 60%) is fed into the fractionation column through two spray nozzles. Solvent condensate is preheated by the bottoms product followed by steam up to nearly boiling point of about 50 under vacuum of 150mbar.

3.Quality Control


 Quality is controlled strictly according to applicable standard at each procedure from the selection of materials to product delivery. Our Co-Factory Quality Management system has passed GMP, ISO9001:2008 and HACCP certificates, etc.

 Professional test equipment like HPLC/UV/AFS/ELSD/AA spectrophotometers/Gas Chromatography (GC)-Mass Spectrometry (MS), TLC, IR, NMR, Polarimeter, smelting point instrument and other inspection instrument and equipment are used and full-time quality control personnel are deployed. Inspection data like the ingredient, moisture and dust content and heavy metal residual, and solvents are documented completely and in detail.

 Processing and Quality Control of our product support sustainable agricultural practices and are Free From Prohibited Practices: GMO, Ionizing Radiation, Sewage Sludge, Synthetic Fertilizers and Pesticides, Synthetic Substances.

 For the Raw materials sourced from the Qualified suppliers, got checked and verified by QA, tested by QC,the good quality raw material comes to the warehouse, processing extraction, and concentration, adsorption, Elution. Refining, Drying and Packing procedure monitored by QA, the whole process confirmed by QA and tested by QC, accpeted products with quality guarantee enter into the warehouse, ready to delivery.

4.The Items of Testing!


The Items of Testing
Content Analysis:LC-MS, HPLC(Highperformance Liquid Chromatography), UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Heavy Metals:Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer
Pesticide Residues:Gas Chromatography
Microbiological:Total Plate count, Yeast&Mold, Samonella, E.Coli.

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